The New Face of the Atkins Diet

For many years the Atkins diet has been touted as dangerous for your health. People who followed this diet were encouraged to eat lots of protein and fat. Recently this diet has undergone some changes and is now being promoted as a healthy way to eat.

It is an extremely popular diet for anyone who wants to go on a low carb diet. Let’s take a look at the new face of this diet in a little more detail.

As with any new diet that attracts attention, people start disbelieving or putting it down without even trying the diet.

This was a problem with the Atkins diet for many years. Critics would just read things like ‘increase your protein intake,’ or ‘eat more foods high in fat’, and then start criticizing the diet.

Those that took the time to read the diet would learn that you did not have to eat crazy amounts of protein or add bacon to every meal.

The Atkins Diet has been acclaimed in more than 110 journals as a sensible, low carb diet that focuses on eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Numerous people have had success simply by eliminating pre-packaged fast foods and processed foods such as white flour, sugar, cookies, chips and more.

Here’s a simple outline of the type of foods you will be eating on the Atkins Diet.

• Protein such as chicken, turkey, fish, shellfish, pork, lamb and beef.

• Vegetables – all those leafy green kinds such as lettuce, spinach, kale, cucumber, green beans and more.

• Good Fats such as olive oil, butter, coconut oil and avocadoes. These fats do not contain the harmful Trans fats and they help to add lots of flavour to your foods.

• Fruits – these tend to have more carbs so for the first two weeks it is suggested that you do not add fruit. Fruits will be slowly introduced on week three

• High Carb Foods – these are the ones that you will eliminate from your diet. This includes sugary foods, breakfast cereals, bagels, breads and any food that has a high starch content.

What these changes do is to force your body to start burning its own fat, instead of burning the fat from the foods that you would normally eat. Such as when eating refined and processed foods.

There are three phases of the Atkins Diet, and you can start with Phase One or Phase Three if you wish. The concept of this diet is that it is very easy to customize to you. If you want to jump start your weight loss efforts then start with Phase One.

This is where you would not include any fruit in your diet for the first two weeks. If you only have a few pounds to lose then you may prefer to start with Phase Two.

One of the benefits of this diet is that it is very affordable. You will be eating more fresh vegetables and protein. The protein will help fill you up so you won’t have those urges to snack as often.

You can easily eat foods that are in season in your local area. These are normally cheaper than having to buy fancy ingredients to follow some other ‘diet’ program.

Eating the Atkins Diet will help improve your cholesterol levels and your blood sugar. You will notice that you sleep more soundly and for longer. Most people notice a huge spike in their energy levels within the first couple of days as well.

Another side effect is helping to reduce inflammation and that puffy look around your eyes and cheeks. So if you have arthritis you may notice that your symptoms, including joint pain, become significantly reduced.

If you are looking for a healthy way to eat then don’t overlook the Atkins Diet, they have just released an updated version of their book as well. The New Atkins Made Easy: A Faster, Simpler Way to Shed Weight and Feel Great -- Starting Today!. It outlines what this diet is about, provides you with meal plans and even a grocery list.

Take a look today, it’s available on Kindle so you could be reading it within minutes. It could just be your ticket to finally get your body to start losing those unwanted pounds.

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