How to Beat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ...and get your life back!

We know that life can get you down. Too much stress. Too much pressure. But it does NOT have to be that way!!

Helene Malmsio - author

Hi there, I am Helene Malmsio, and since the age of 17 (after a bout of Glandular fever) I have spent decades fighting constant never ending fatigue, as well as a continual parade of infections and inflammations due to my low immune system.

In the 1980's when I was well into my late 20's I was finally diagnosed with the "Yuppie Flu" which is what it was then known as. This was because we were all high flying jet-setters, over-worked over-achievers.

We worked hard, partied hard, and as a result most of us were burnt out very early on.

But there was no simple remedy, just told by the doctors to get some rest. It didn't work for most of us, who had to just keep working.

After another decade of ever worsening lack of energy, chronic illness, joint pain, even bedridden for 12 months at one point, I finally found a Specialist who did the blood tests, identified the original glandular fever and 6 prime flu viruses, and many other recognized CFS virus triggers, all still floating around in my system.

The treatment prescribed by the Specialist included dozens of bottles of vega tested vitamins and supplements of every kind, anti-allergy drops for 6 different things I was already allergic to - and a horrible weekly intravenous drip that consisted of a vitamin cocktail that was supposed to feed my organs and cells direct via the blood rather than lose nutrition via the digestive system.

Didn't do much for me long term, but I was able to soldier on in my job, even though my relationship fell apart helped by the fact that I was 'so boring' since I was always ill or asleep most weekends.

In 1995 I tried taking a complete range of natural nutritional supplements, and along with all the CFS treatments and therapies I had developed over the years, I finally felt the benefits of top quality herbal nutrition.

It was a life-changer for me, and I was finally able to manage my CFS and live a fulfilling life again.

After 18 years I still take these supplement products every single day of my life, and enjoy the health benefits.

In over more than a decade of working with nutrition supplements I have found an interesting phenomena. If your general wellness is high then your immune system is able to better protect you.

A lot of people like myself with problems like chronic fatigue, allergies & hay fever find that the symptoms diminish and often disappear when the sufferer uses a strong natural nutrition program.

I am not taking about just treating 'symptoms'. I am talking about developing a core physical 'wellness'.

My experience is that when someone gets their personal wellness high and their immune system working properly then they can be in an environment or situation where they previously would have experienced familiar symptoms of fatigue or illness, but now they find that the symptoms do not occur.

In 2008 I began writing a book about the CFS therapies that had worked for me.

The book fully explains all the most popular and effective therapies and treatments that are most effective in beating chronic fatigue syndrome.

There are many methods and processes that you can try out for yourself to discover the ones that resonate best with your lifestyle and personal philosophies.

Most are just common sense in my opinion, and once you have spent a few years learning by trial-and-error, you would agree about that.

But the point of this book is to save you all that learning from your mistakes and wasted effort, and save you the money you would otherwise waste on ineffective products and supplements.

YOU WILL enjoy an improvement in your energy, wellbeing, capacity to carry out tasks, and you will begin to enjoy life again, once you get this book and give the therapies featured in it a go.

In 2012 I convinced my friend and associate Warren Tattersall to co-author this book with me, to round out the natural nutritional product information in the book.

Learn more here about my book available on Amazon in Printed book or Kindle download; "How to Beat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome...and get your life back!"

What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

You will be surprised to know that chronic fatigue syndrome cannot be diagnosed easily as the symptoms are sometimes very similar to other disease like fibromyalgia. The person suffers from total exhaustion, headache, lack of sleep, painful nodes in the armpit and neck, weakness, loss of memory, anxiety and depression.

It has been described by some as waking up suffering with the flu every day of your life. Possibly the worst flu you have ever had. And it just will not go away.

This can be brought on by too much stress, taking antibiotics, exposure to chemicals like farm insecticide sprays, and viral problems like Glandular Fever and some strains of Influenza.

When your immunity becomes compromised you become more vulnerable to infections and you quickly start to pick up every bug that is going around in your community. It is a downward spiral, and you just become sicker and sicker as time passes.

It is a fact that CFS and ME can be as immobilizing as congestive Heart failure, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, and similar other chronic conditions.

At this time there is no definite medical test available which can confirm that a person is suffering from CFS. Family members and employers often tend to think that the person is just lacking motivation and is not really sick.

So they lose patience as they are not able to understand the real problem of the person who is suffering from CFS. This lack of sympathy and understanding makes the sufferer feel more dejected as the person knows that there is something terribly wrong but cannot understand what is wrong.

But there is plenty that you can do to take your life back!  You can change your lifestyle, apply all the CFS management techniques we have researched, and modify your diet to assist your digestive system to help heal you the way your body is designed to do.

We knew that when we wrote about our experiences in 2012, that other CFS sufferers would want to learn and apply these tips for themselves.

I'm proud to announce that the first book in our series became a Bestseller on Amazon, ranking #1 in the chronic fatigue syndrome category!

Since then, Warren and I have published Volume 2 about our CFS Diet, to fully explain how your digestive system, using cellular nutrition and superfoods, along with herbal based nutrition, can help you to recover your energy and wellbeing too!

Reader Reviews of CFS Book #1 & #2

DO YOU HAVE CHRONIC FATIGUE? There is help and NEW HOPE for you! There is a range of natural products with a unique combination of natural ingredients that is proven to help beat CFS

Like Warren, I have spent decades helping other people to use nutritional therapy as one resource to help them beat their CFS. There is a specific way to take the products and detox first to get the best results.

All product customers get these instructions emailed to them when they place the order with Warren. But I also wanted this specific product information to be presented for readers of our CFS Treatment books.

So we are also publishing book #2 which will specifically deal with Nutritional Therapy for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and includes specific steps for how to take the herbal based supplements of the Herbalife products, and to incorporate the appropriate Super Foods in your diet.

I sincerely hope that you will jump at the chance to learn from my 30+ years of testing treatments, and from Warren's 20+ years of practicing as a nutritional consultant helping clients with CFS via Herbalife nutritional programs.

Learn more here about my book available on Amazon in Printed book or Kindle download; "How to Beat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome...and get your life back!"

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