What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

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This ailment, often referred to as CFS, creates huge problems for millions of people. People who are trying to live a normal life but are tired all the time, who have concentration dropouts during the day, who have aches and pains and seem to be often sick and who have food allergies and sensitivity to environmental conditions when they did not have them before.

Everywhere there are people who are looking for an answer to why they "just don't feel right". Beyond that there are people who have become frustrated with working with the medical sources they have access to and are searching for answers in their own way.

There are answers for most people and something that you will find as you work through this page is that you are not alone. The path you are on with your own health has been trodden by many people before you. This means that as you search for your own answers you will find other people who have been there before you and can offer you advice and support and potentially answers for your own situation.

Because this illness is so hard to pin down as it effects different people in different ways I have approached this page in a different manner to other pages on this site.

First I will give you the medical advice that is the general mainstream view of the problem.

Next I will give you my own experience and observations of working with people who have chronic fatigue syndrome and the results they have achieved with nutrition products in turning it around.

Finally I’ll attempt to bring deeper information specifically for people with a long term problem who have tried everything and who have not found an answer. When this article was first written I started a chronic fatigue syndrome discussion on line at a site on Amazon Books and some of the feedback coming back from there is very useful and very up to date on where chronic fatigue syndrome research, studies and trials are currently.

Current medical from most main stream organizations about chronic fatigue syndrome advice is that:

• The cause or causes of chronic fatigue syndrome have not been identified and no specific diagnostic tests are available.
• It is normally diagnosed by exclusion which means that when all alternative illnesses have been ruled out the problem must be chronic fatigue syndrome.
• There is no single treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome so treatment is aimed at symptom relief and improved function.
• Research conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in America indicates that less than 20% of chronic fatigue syndrome patients in America have been diagnosed.

(Below this information is given in more depth with the sources acredited. This is the sort of advice that most people visiting their local doctor are getting so I believe it essential that we start this review of chronic fatigue syndrome here.)


This medical information is clearly saying that there are no answers and no cures BUT in our experience and the experience of hundreds of thousands of people are thar there ARE some proven, alternative, self care strategies that DO work for most people, so keep reading, there IS hope!"

Look first at the medical information and then we will review alternate health strategies in more depth.

The following has been drawn directly from material published by the US Government “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” which is one of the major operating components of the American Department of Health and Human Services.

The Center advises that “CDC and other government information included on the NPIN Website is in the public domain” and as such we have used their information here to give a clear overview of current medical thinking with regard to CFS.
The specific link to this information is www.cdc.gov/cfs/general/index.html

It is clear information to look through. It explains the medical symptoms and can help you get an overall understanding about your own condition and whether you, or the people you care about are likely to be suffering from CFS.

When you look at this be aware that the CDC makes quotes like this one: ”Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) affects more than one million people in the United States. There are tens of millions of people with similar fatiguing illnesses who do not fully meet the strict research definition of CFS.”


Chronic fatigue syndrome, or CFS, is a debilitating and complex disorder characterized by profound fatigue that is not improved by bed rest and that may be worsened by physical or mental activity.

Persons with CFS most often function at a substantially lower level of activity than they were capable of before the onset of illness. In addition to these key defining characteristics, patients report various nonspecific symptoms, including weakness, muscle pain, impaired memory and/or mental concentration, insomnia, and post-exertional fatigue lasting more than 24 hours. In some cases, CFS can persist for years.

The cause or causes of CFS have not been identified and no specific diagnostic tests are available. Moreover, since many illnesses have incapacitating fatigue as a symptom, care must be taken to exclude other known and often treatable conditions before a diagnosis of CFS is made.

Definition of chronic fatigue syndrome.

A great deal of debate has surrounded the issue of how best to define CFS. In an effort to resolve these issues, an international panel of CFS research experts convened in 1994 to draft a definition of CFS that would be useful both to researchers studying the illness and to clinicians diagnosing it. In essence, in order to receive a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome, a patient must satisfy two criteria:

1. Have severe chronic fatigue of six months or longer duration with other known medical conditions excluded by clinical diagnosis; and
2. Concurrently have four or more of the following symptoms:
• substantial impairment in short-term memory or concentration;
• sore throat;
• tender lymph nodes;
• muscle pain;
• multi-joint pain without swelling or redness;
• headaches of a new type, pattern or severity;
• unrefreshing sleep;
• and post-exertional malaise lasting more than 24 hours.

The symptoms must have persisted or recurred during six or more consecutive months of illness and must not have predated the fatigue.

man Similar Medical Conditions

A number of illnesses have been described that have a similar spectrum of symptoms to CFS. These include fibromyalgia syndrome, myalgic encephalomyelitis, neurasthenia, multiple chemical sensitivities, and chronic mononucleosis. Although these illnesses may present with a primary symptom other than fatigue, chronic fatigue is commonly associated with all of them.

Other Conditions That May Cause Similar Symptoms In addition, there are a large number of clinically defined, frequently treatable illnesses that can result in fatigue. Diagnosis of any of these conditions would exclude a definition of CFS unless the condition has been treated sufficiently and no longer explains the fatigue and other symptoms.

These include;
• hypothyroidism,
• sleep apnea and narcolepsy,
• major depressive disorders,
• chronic mononucleosis,
• bipolar affective disorders,
• schizophrenia,
• eating disorders,
• cancer,
• autoimmune disease,
• hormonal disorders,
• subacute infections,
• obesity,
• alcohol or substance abuse,
• and reactions to prescribed medications.

Signs & Symptoms


• CFS is marked by extreme fatigue that has lasted at least six months; is not the result of ongoing effort; is not substantially relieved by rest; and causes a substantial reduction in daily activities.
• In addition to fatigue, CFS includes eight characteristic symptoms:
o postexertional malaise (relapse of symptoms after physical or mental exertion);
o unrefreshing sleep;
o substantial impairment in memory/concentration;
o muscle pain;
o pain in multiple joints;
o headaches of a new type, pattern or severity;
o sore throat; and
o tender neck or armpit lymph nodes.
• Symptoms and their consequences can be severe. CFS can be as disabling as multiple sclerosis, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, congestive heart failure and similar chronic conditions. Symptom severity varies from patient to patient and may vary over time for an individual patient.

In addition to the eight primary defining symptoms of CFS, a number of other symptoms have been reported by some CFS patients. The frequencies of occurrence of these symptoms vary from 20% to 50% among CFS patients.

They include;
• abdominal pain,
• alcohol intolerance,
• bloating, chest pain,
• chronic cough, diarrhea,
• dizziness,
• dry eyes or mouth,
• earaches,
• irregular heartbeat,
• jaw pain,
• morning stiffness,
• nausea,
• night sweats,
• psychological problems (depression, irritability, anxiety, panic attacks),
• shortness of breath,
• skin sensations,
• tingling sensations,
• and weight loss.

Prevalence of chronic fatigue syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) affects more than one million people in the United States. There are tens of millions of people with similar fatiguing illnesses who do not fully meet the strict research definition of CFS.

Possible Causes of chronic fatigue syndrome?

• Despite an intensive, nearly 20-year search, the cause of CFS remains unknown. Many different infectious agents and physiologic and psychological causes have been considered, and the search continues.
• Much of the ongoing research into a cause has centered on the roles of the immune, endocrine and nervous systems may play in CFS. More recently, interactions among these factors are under evaluation.
• Genetic and environmental factors may play a role in developing and/or prolonging the illness, although more research is needed to confirm this. CDC is applying cutting-edge genomic and proteomic tools to understand the origins and pathogenesis of CFS.
• CFS is not caused by depression, although the two illnesses often coexist, and many patients with CFS have no psychiatric disorder.

Risk Factors:

• People of every age, gender, ethnicity and socioeconomic group can have CFS.
• CFS affects women at four times the rate of men.
• Research indicates that CFS is most common in people in their 40s and 50s.
• Although CFS is much less common in children than in adults, children can develop the illness, particularly during the teen years.

Diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome:

• There are no physical signs that identify CFS
• There are no diagnostic laboratory tests for CFS.
• People who suffer the symptoms of CFS must be carefully evaluated by a physician because many treatable medical and psychiatric conditions are hard to distinguish from CFS. Common conditions that should be ruled out through a careful medical history and appropriate testing include mononucleosis, Lyme disease, thyroid conditions, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, various cancers, depression and bipolar disorder.
• Research conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicates that less than 20% of CFS patients in this country have been diagnosed.


• Since there is no known cure for CFS, treatment is aimed at symptom relief and improved function. A combination of drug and nondrug therapies is usually recommended.
• No single therapy exists that helps all CFS patients.
• Lifestyle changes, including prevention of overexertion, reduced stress, dietary restrictions, gentle stretching and nutritional supplementation, are frequently recommended in addition to drug therapies used to treat sleep, pain and other specific symptoms.
• Carefully supervised physical therapy may also be part of treatment for CFS. However, symptoms can be exacerbated by overly ambitious physical activity. A very moderate approach to exercise and activity management is recommended to avoid overactivity and to prevent deconditioning.
• Although health care professionals may hesitate to give patients a diagnosis of CFS for various reasons, it’s important to receive an appropriate and accurate diagnosis to guide treatment and further evaluation.
• Delays in diagnosis and treatment are thought to be associated with poorer long-term outcomes. For example, CDC’s research has shown that those who have CFS for two years or less were more likely to improve. It’s not known if early intervention is responsible for this more favorable outcome; however, the longer a person is ill before diagnosis, the more complicated the course of the illness appears to be.

Recovery from chronic fatigue syndrome

• CFS affects each individual differently. Some people with CFS remain homebound and others improve to the point that they can resume work and other activities, even though they continue to experience symptoms.
• Recovery rates for CFS are unclear. Improvement rates varied from 8% to 63% in a 2005 review of published studies, with a median of 40% of patients improving during follow-up. However, full recovery from CFS may be rare, with an average of only 5% to 10% sustaining total remission.

Alternative Medical Opinions:

Obviously with such a huge problem as we are seeing with chronic fatigue syndrome there will be a range of opinions and someone out there doing serious research into this illness. Keep an eye on this age and we will update information as it comes to hand on the research and the treatment alternatives that are proving successful for various people.

One of the leading sites to see where current “cutting edge” thinking and research is going is at cfids.org

The ABOUT US information from their website summarizes the organizartions activities in this way; ” The CFIDS Association of America is the largest and most active charitable organization dedicated to conquering chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), which is also known as chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome (CFIDS). Since this organization was founded in 1987, the Association has invested more than $25 million in initiatives to bring an end to the pain, disability and suffering caused by CFS.”

Self Care strategies for Living with chronic fatigue syndrome

I have co-authored a book that details all the best proven CFS treatments that you can apply to help you better cope with CFS.

Learn more here about my book available on Amazon in Printed book or Kindle download; "How to Beat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome...and get your life back!"

Diet change strategies:

Now you have an outline of current medical advice on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome we are going to look at it from a totally different perspective. Actually we will look at it from a number of different perspectives.

First I would like to review my own experience and the use of nutritional supplementation as a way to try and turn around the problem. This is not the definitive answer. Since the conditions that lead to chronic fatigue syndrome vary so greatly there are many different ways to approach the problem and different people find different things work for them.

(The material below is based on the personal experience of Warren Tattersall who has 15 years of experience of working with nutrition supplementation with the Herbalife company. It is not presented as a medical opinion and is anecdotal in nature.)

It appears from medical advice that there is nothing which can be done do to alleviate the condition but this has not been my experience all.

I have worked with well over 50 people with chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms (some diagnosed, many just suffering in silence). Where people have begun on a broad nutrition program and continued with it for long enough to let it work we have seen, in almost every case, a dramatic improvement in their condition. This “long enough time” can be a matter of weeks for some people and be as long as 90 to 120 days for people with chemical contamination issues or long term viral problems)

In many cases, including my own personal case, the symptoms of the chronic fatigue syndrome have alleviated to the point where there are now no apparent symptoms at all.

To clarify what we are talking about here I am going to use many of the topic headings we used above as a template to relate what I have found through my own experience and give anecdotal information about other people’s experiences so that you can assess if the nutritional solutions may be an answer for you with your own problems.

What is chronic fatigue syndrome?

The fatigue and tiredness associated with chronic fatigue syndrome was for many years put down to malingering and laziness. Popular press talked about “Yuppie Flu”.

Lady This was because people with the complaint were not able to function at normal activity levels that our work and daily lives require. It looked as though the suffers just didn’t want to be involved with things.

Since there was, and still is, no definitive medical test that will confirm the presence of chronic fatigue syndrome it sometimes appeared that the individual had a lack of motivation rather than a true sickness.

Employers and family often became impatient with the sufferer as they couldn’t understand what the problem really was.

It also appears to be much more prevalent in modern times than it has been historically so it took some time for the medical profession to pick up on an illness that they gad difficulty diagnosing and they had no treatment for.

There are few blood tests being developed that seem to indicate the condition may be present but they are not generally accepted as definitive enough for most medical practitioners to accept them.

Even if the condition of chronic fatigue syndrome is shown to be present medical practitioners tell us that there is nothing that can be done in a medical sense to “fix”, or cure, the problem and they try instead to just relieve the symptoms of the condition.

I will show you here that with nutritional supplementation you can be much more proactive than this.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a difficult thing to define as all the information has shown.

The medical symptoms are shown above and are very comprehensive but here I want to talk about this on a much more personal level. People want to know what is happening in their own lives and what their own problems are caused by.

What I usually find when talking with people is that there seem to be several histories that are common to people with chronic fatigue syndrome.


CAUSES 1,Stress plus antibiotics

This means that the sufferer will have had a time of increased stress and that during this time they will often have had an “incident” that involved the use of antibiotics.

What I do nowadays when talking with people who have chronic fatigue syndrome, or who have all the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, is to ask them when and why they took antibiotics.

They often look confused and I ask them to think back to about 6 months before the symptoms became really obvious and then they can usually tell me what it was that caused them to use antibiotics.

Some people initially don’t recall using antibiotics but then a few minutes later will say, “Oh yes, I forgot that …… and I used antibiotics then.”

Now antibiotics in themselves are lifesavers and for many of our health problems require the use of antibiotics. If you have infection, have an operation, have an accident with broken bones and other problems then you may have no choice but to use the antibiotics.

One of the side effects of the use of these drugs is that they damage our digestive systems. A little side lesson.: When we eat our food we chew it to break it down.

Saliva from the mouth gives enzymes to start breaking down the food. From there it goes to our stomach and the acids break it down to a soup like consistency.

Thjs passes through our small intestine, large intestine and the waste goes out to the toilet.

The majority of the nutrition we absorb is through the small intestine.


We have hair like protrusions on the walls of our small intestine called villi and on them micro villi that draw the nutrients out of the food we eat and pass it through the walls of the small intestine and it is absorbed into our blood if they are water soluble or small fat fragments and/or to the lymph glands if they are fat soluble. From there the nutrition is delivered to our cells.

To understand this in more depth we have a great little article that is very enlightening called Nutrition for your cells.that I recommend you read.

The key to this is the Villi. If they become stressed and damaged (see the article) they become “energetically impaired”. They are broken off , coated with mucus from the digestive system and fats from our food and so we cannot absorb the nutrients.

My personal belief is that when people have pre-existing health issues and additional high stress this will often be the trigger to the condition we call chronic fatigue syndrome.

When people have a health problem they use antibiotics for and they seem to get better but the spark is not in the eye and spring is not in the step.

After some time, often 6 months or so, they start to find they are weary all the time, they wake up tired, they have aches and pains.

Food allergies often appear.

Pre-existing issues like asthma, blood disorders, weight control get worse.

They have energy of concentration drop outs in the middle of the day.

Often they find it hard to perform at the mental and physical levels they had previously enjoyed.


Now we are talking about the onset of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

In my experience it appears that with this problem there is nearly always the pre-existing problems discussed above, often poor sleep patterns, often poor diet or irregular eating times, normally high stress and when a crisis comes and especially when that crisis leads to use of antibiotics then the conditions exist that often precede a case of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Below is a list of symptoms often presented by those who have recently become aware that CFS may be their problem.

You know there is a potential problem when things start to go beyond that “Just run down” point:
• When you have a full nights sleep but still wake up tired,
• When you have energy/concentration drop-outs in the middle of the day.
• When you start having food allergies that had not been a problem or not apparent before.
• When you start reacting to environmental conditions that had not affected you before. This may be hay fever, asthma or just sensitivity to pollution or sprays or even skin care products.
• When your immune system starts to drop away it seems fairly common for people who previously did not get colds and flues to find that when anyone around them sneezes they pick up the bug from it.

Lady I was talking to a lady one day who I think summarized the onset of chronic fatigue syndrome extremely well.

She said that she has always done her weekly shopping and then come home, put it all away and then sat and made herself a cup of tea.

Now she was finding that she would do the shopping and then come home and she needed to make that cup of tea when she first came home and to rest so that she had the energy to put away the shopping!

This sense of something being wrong and knowing that it is getting worse is a terrible feeling.

To then have medical checkups and to be told there is nothing wrong and just to take things a bit easier actually sharpens the fear that there is something fundamentally wrong.

If you relate to this then I suggest you do actually have a problem. We will talk about what you can do about it in a moment.

2. Viral infection.

unwell There appears to be a fairly clear link between viral infections like glandular fever (Epstein-Barr virus), regional encephalitis outbreaks, in Australia we have Ross River virus which is normally transmitted by mosquito bite and many areas of the world have local viruses that people succumb to, appear to get better and then slip over time into chronic fatigue syndrome. Even a bad case of influenza can be in the background of a case of chronic fatigue syndrome.

This is not uncommon with people who have traveled and when traveling have had a viral infection they have recovered from but still there is something lacking in their health. It is too subtle to be clearly defined but there is a sense of something just not being fully back to normal and the health challenges that gradually become the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome may not show up for 6 or 8 months or even a couple of years later.

Because of this time lapse people often do not realize that the two conditions are linked.

I have found that the time it takes to start to see results with nutrition products and these problems seem to vary hugely. Some people will see initial improvement within a few days or a week while others will find that it takes 30 days before they really start seeing their symptoms show improvements.

3. Chemical contamination.

I live in a country area and out in the bush where the air is meant to be clean and life more simple. My experience is that there can be a higher incidence of chronic fatigue syndrome here than in city areas.

Spraying In particular where a community lives in an area surrounded by hills and mountains, where the farm chemicals are held in the valley, there seems to be at a higher risk of suffering with chronic fatigue syndrome.

Industrial chemicals appear to be another causative factor. Quite often we see people who have been “less that careful” with industrial chemicals in their youth who then have immune system and wellness issues in later life?

It is interesting that the statistics show that around 75% of people with chronic fatigue syndrome are women, The incidence of people who appear to have a history of chemical contamination preceding the condition tend to be male more often than 1 in 4.

Another area where the chemical contamination may have been introduced is in the home setting, maybe household chemical, pesticides or fumigation.

This chemical contamination can also come from the abuse of recreational drugs. Intravenous drug users who have broken free from the drug habit appear to be a high risk group for suffering with chronic fatigue syndrome. This particular group needs special care and attention if they are going to use nutritional supplementation to help assist with the problem and we will discuss that below.

If someone is suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome that has come from chemical contamination it can be a very bad thing.

As their immune system shows damage and their general health deteriorates there are a whole range of health issues may present themselves.

Immune system problems are common.

Food intollerances are very common: celiac disease, wheat and dairy intolerances, yeast intolerances, thrush, urinary tract infections, and many other sorts of infections are common.

I have know people who have been so reactive that they cannot be in a room where any chemical is sprayed, cannot have skin contact with plastic and cannot tolerate yeast that is airborne in a kitchen.

Tired In one case the lady was living in the country side as she could not tolerate pollution and her diet was down to 4 different vegetables that needed to be steamed for her and the only drink she could tolerate was filtered water.

The good new is that the last time I met that lady she was sitting in a restaurant with me eating pizza. There ARE answers for people who are even this bad but the road to recovery is a rocky road and is going to take some perseverance.

Living with the problem is not acceptable but you will have to understand that it was a long road to becoming so sick and it not going to clear up over night.

In such cases it will probably be 30 days before there are clear signs that things are improving and it may be up to 90 days before it is clear that recovery is happing.

In my experience it will happen but it is going to take time and patience.


The way to avoid these issues is to keep your immune system strong and your metabolic rate healthy.

If you have a strong immune system when health problems or a health crisis occurs then you are likely to be able to handle it.

If your health is low, your immune system under stress, your overall wek

If you think there is a chance that you are on this road I suggest that you check out nutrition programs like ShapeWorks QuickStart or the ShapeWorks Advanced Program and get onto one for at least an initial month to clean and balance out your system.

These programs are targeted for use with weight control, to lose or to gain weight. If you are interested in those things then you can “kill two birds with one stone” and achieve both outcomes at the same time.

We will discuss nutrition supplementation below.


Coming out of chronic fatigue syndrome can sometimes be deceptively simple and can sometimes be a difficult process.

What I can tell you after working with a lot of people is that through using nutritional products virtually everyone I’ve dealt with has had a measurable improvement and most are able to bring themselves back to normal activity.

Energetically impaired Villi

vili If you have not yet read our article Nutrition for your cells then it is time to go and read it now and then come back to this page.

Medical advice I have been given is that the villi cannot be healed easily.

I am told that you need to find a supportive environment and have six to twelve months of rest, with full nights of regular sleep and nutritious meals eaten at regular times.

This time needs to be stress free.

I don’t know about you but I don’t know of such an environment. I live in country town and have friends who live on beautiful country properties and I can promise you that it is definitely not stress free out on the farm.

Cities are busy, life is busy. I don’t know where you will find a stress free environment.

The quickest way I know to heal energetically impaired villi is with the use of properly balanced nutrition products.

We will talk more about this but it seems a good time to give an anecdotal story of health results and I’ll stop here and tell my own story

I had a problem with my own health that had plagued me for all of my life.

My elder and younger brother had high energy levels and I had low energy. I didn’t understand why, and I still cannot explain it, but it had been with me all my life and I lived with it.

As a schoolboy I had unexplained energy drop periods where I would just go to bed and sleep for 24 hours. Blood tests showed a drop in the red blood cells in that period but no-one could tell me anything about it.

When I was going out with the girl who became my wife there was an occasion that I fell asleep in a restaurant. This is an embarrassing thing but when there are only the 2 of you there it is something that keeps being recalled in conversation for 20 years!!

In my 30’s I went to my General Practitioner. I am 6 ft 2 in (187 cm) and he is much shorted than I am. He did all the blood tests and then patiently explained to me that I was tall and he was short. He did not like being short but there was nothing he could do about it. He said that he had high energy and I had low energy and that was just the way it was. Live with it!!

When I started to use a full nutrition program it was just to see what it did and because it may have given a benefit for my martial arts.

4 or 5 days later I remember standing at my cupboard getting out a shirt and just freezing up. I realized that I could not remember getting out of bed! I had never in my life just woken up and got out of bed. Every day I came slowly to consciousness and then fought myself to get moving. This day I just woke up rested and alert. It was one of those moments that you remember for ever.

Since then I can stay up late, work half the night, do pretty much anything and I will still wake at the same time and am able to bounce out of bed at 7am. This has lasted for nearly 15 years now and all my blood profiles are a lot better than they were 20 years ago.

Obviously that means I have an emotional attachment to nutrition products that can do this.

The key seems to be to repair the villi and when your digestive system is working healthily then your body will heal.

Have you had the experience of having an indoor plant that you have forgotten to water and it is all drooping with the leaves just hanging down? You water it and 10 minutes later it is all standing up, looking healthy and happy again.

I have seen people who have just done that, many, many of them. Instead of 10 minutes the process takes 3 to 10 days in many cases but the effect is as dramatic.

I am walking testimony to say that the villi can start to be rebuilt and that positive health outcomes can start to appear in less than a week, provided the problem is not chemical contamination.

CFS diet book

Self Care strategies for Living with chronic fatigue syndrome

Use of Herbalife products for people with chronic fatigue syndrome.

Mild, or at on-set chronic of, fatigue syndrome symptoms

For many people with mild chronic fatigue syndrome the road to recovery can be a fairly simple one.

I’ll move forward for now on the assumption that energetically impaired villi is at the heart of the problem. We know that the resultant lack of nutrition getting to the body on a cellular level has a direct effect on an individual’s health. If the villi is restored to reasonable condition then this will very often lead to quite significant turn around in the condition.

The Herbalife nutrition programs all have core nutrition factors that will address the villi damage and with that can turn aeound the nutritiona; problem.

Amino The fundamental building block for this if the Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix . It is an amino protein powder that has the essential amino acids that the body needs every day. They cannot be created within the body and need to be supplied through the food we eat.

Getting the full range of amino acids in the right balance is critical to turning this problem around.

The second batch of products that are packed in the Herbalife programs and that are critical to the initial healing is the vitamin and mineral supplementation that accompanies the Formula 1.

The packaging of these vitamin and mineral tablets varies from country to country as Herbalife always creates products that fit into the health guidelines in each country. In some countries a single vitamin and mineral tablet with botanical factors carries everything required. In India there is a Multivitamin, Mineral and Herb supplement. In Australia there is formula 2 which is a Vitamin B6 complex in a herbal base and also formula 3 (vitamin & mineral) that work together. In USA these products are packaged as Formula 2 Multivitamin complex and Cell activator.

Whatever country you are in and however the base nutrition products have the same combination of ingredients, are used the same way, and achieve the same outcomes.

Whatever program you chose will have the core nutrition in it.

Check the ShapeWorks QuickStart and the ShapeWorks Advanced Program.

We would expect to see a change of energy levels within 3 days of commencement for normal healthy people though with chronic fatigue syndrome this could take up to 7 days (assuming the problem does not have a base in chemical contamination.)

Established chronic fatigue syndrome


For people with established chronic fatigue syndrome, who are showing many of the symptoms listed in the medical sections earlier stated, but who are still able to function with a basically normal life then there may be some issues with introducing anything different into the diet. This means a slightly cautious approach is recommended.

We are talking here about people who have had the condition for some time and the longer term effects of lowered immune system and lowered metabolic rate are becoming apparent.

In these case there are likely to be food intolerances. Using the Herbalife products will not cause any harm but with a low immune system and fragile metabolisms then “change of diet” is always something to approach carefully.

There will also be a clear fatigue problem. This will turn around but a steady program that will allow the body to heal itself over time is the most secure path to follow.

It is wise to begin with a Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix shake and a set of tablets just once a day for a couple of days.

This will begin the detoxification process to let the body start to cleanse itself and also allow the system to adjust to the nutrition that is being added into the diet.

After a day or two, if there are no problems, then the shake can be taken a couple of times a day and the tablets can be taken 3 times which is the normal recommended use of the products.

If there is any sign of the body reacting to the nutrition products then look through the section below on “What to expect when you get started:.”

Severe chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms

When people have more advanced severe chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms then there are likey to be food allergies that have led to lactose (milk) intolerance, Celiac Disease and similar conditions (Wheat and gluten intolerance).

The food allergies are part and parcel of the condition and they do not present a major problem but you need to pay attention and show some common sense.

If there is any chance that the condition has roots in chemical contamination or drug use or if it is just a fully developed case of chronic fatigue syndrome then the sufferer already knows that they have serious problems and that these are not going to sort themselves out over night.

In extreme cases it is best to use a couple of specialty products for the first few days or week to begin a gentle detoxification process.

The first of these products is Aloe Vera Juice .

Aloe heals where it touches. If you cut or graze your hand and there is an aloe vera plant near by you can cut the succulent leaf and rub the internal gel on the wound and the discomfort will reduce quickly and the rate of healing will usually be dramatically faster than without the use of the aloe.

Internally it is a little more to difficult to apply aloe so you need to use a high quality Aloe Vera Juice

A quality product will be clear to look at and pleasant smelling. If you find an aloe juice that is a cloudy solution that smells and tastes poorly then you will have an extract of the full juice. This is very good for cleansing the lower bowel and is a much cheaper product but it will not deliver the same cleansing and healing properties as a juice that is extracted from just the heart of the plant.

It also cleans through your system. It has been likened to giving your body a shower on the inside. This is a good foundation to preparing the body for recover from chronic fatigue syndrome though it will not by itself generate the core healing that is required by itself.

The Aloe will also cause a very gentle detoxification to begin in the body. With chemicals and drugs this will gently leach them into the blood stream where they can be flushed out of your system.

In addition to the Aloe Vera Juice another product that will help to balance the irritable bowel problem is acidophilus.

One product that works well and does not need refrigeration in normal conditions is Herbalife’s Florafiber.

These two products together will promote healing through the entire digestive tract and will, in many cases, assist in bringing irritable bowel syndrome back under control and aid in preventing “flare ups”.

One note, the Florafiber.tablets absorb water from the bowel so if you have loose bowel problems taking one or two tablets with only a small water will help reduce the fluid in the gut.

If you have constipation problems then Florafiber is a gentle fiber that will give the added roughage you need in your diet.

Taking one or two tables with two large glasses of water for each will dramatically increase the fiber and fluid in your system and help alleviate a constipation problem (though you may wish to stay near a toilet for half an hour after taking two Florafiber with a large amount of water.)

Once you have a basic cleansing and healing process happening then you should look at adding in some nutrition products to heal your whole system.

For some people a couple of days will be enough to get things moving but if you think there a high chance of chemicals or drugs being involved then using the Aloe Vera Juice and Florafiber for 5 days or even a week prior to adding the nutritional products to your diet is a good idea.

The problem has taken a long time to establish and it will continue to do immense harm to your system if you do not deal with it so taking enough time to work conservatively with the healing and get it right is a very advisable.

What to expect when you get started:

Here we are looking at what to expect when you change your diet and when you introduce high quality nutrition products into the diet of someone suffering chronic fatigue syndrome.


When someone starts on nutrition program like the ShapeWorks QuickStart and/or the ShapeWorks Advanced Program they have the basic building blocks for good health. They should not be thinking in terms of medications. They should be thinking in terms of giving their body what it needs to heal itself.

In the first few days your body will work to rebuild the villi so that nutrition can be absorbed. As soon as this happens then your body will start to repair itself.

An interesting, though slightly unsavory, sign of how things are going it to watch your urine once you are on a nutrition program.

When you put the vitamins and minerals into the diet then many of them will pass straight through your system and into the toilet. It almost seems that you can “cut out the middle man and just throw your tablets straight into the toilet!!” I constantly meet people who have been on nutrition supplements for extended times, sometimes years, and they are still seeing this highly coloured urine. This means that their body is passing the vitamins and especially the minerals rather than absorbing them.

With the Herbalife nutrition programs I expect people to see this high colour urine for a couple of days, or even up to a week, but as the villi rebuilds and the body starts to absorb these mineral the colour reduces. This means your body is absorbing what it needs to rebuild from the cells up so you can be well and healthy again.

People with Chemical contamination, or past drug issues, have deep problems. Part of dealing with the health challenge is to detoxify the toxins out of their system. In that detox process they will often trigger complications from the chemicals that are being released into their bloodstream. This can cause health problems that they thought they had got under control to appear to reoccur. There is a process for working through this that needs to be followed.

As the contaminates in your system leech out into your blood steam in the process of eliminating it from your body then the load of toxins in your system will be higher than normal.

During this time it is important that you drink lots of clean water. A minimum of 3 liters (2 quarts) – 8 to 10 large glasses a day – is recommended.

If you are not drinking the water then you can have symptoms like dull headaches, muscle stiffness, clouded thinking, just generally not feeling very well.

These are good signs as it means that things are happening but you do not need to put up with them.

For more information on these issues there is more information in our article symptoms to expect when you change your diet. I recommend you read this for more detailed information.

Dealing with chemical contamination can be tough and can, in some cases, take 60 to 90 days before the benefits are apparent but not dealing with it leaves you open to continuing problems, maybe immune system collapse and if the gamut of scientific studies that are currently being run are any indication then the contamination may be linked to incidences of cancer. Doing something about the problem is now critical.

Handling recovering

After having a health problem for so long there is a mental aspect to this that needs to be addressed.

When you are not well with chronic fatigue syndrome, you often have good days when you can almost feel normal and bad days when the world is almost too much to bear.

When you begin to recover this cycling of good and bad days does not stop.


I often see people who have been sick and had no answers for the longest time who get on a nutrition program and then one day wake up feeling fantastic.

They have energy, they do not have pain, they have actually slept and are now refreshed. It can feel almost miraculous. Actually it is miraculous but it is the miracle of the body healing and itself functioning the way it is designed to function.

While this seems really good there is a danger here.

There is a huge temptation to do things, to clean house, to do the jobs that have been waiting till you have the energy, to just get out and do things with friends and family.

That is great but often people over do it.

Next day they wake up feeling they were back where they were. The spark of energy is not there, they did too much the day before, they are tired, often they have muscle pain, it can seem that they are worse than they were before.

It feels like you have been given a present and then had it snatched away.

If you are not prepared for this you can lose heart and it can even trigger a day of depression.

You need to understand this up front.

You have been having good days and bad days.

You will keep having good days and bad days.

When you get a great day then give thanks to God and treat yourself with care and respect.

Allow the process to take its course.

What I can tell you is that when this begins to work with you then there will be more good days. There will still be bad days but, over time, you will find that the good days get better and the bad days not as bad. The time comes when the bad days are still better than the good days used to be.

It took a long time to get to the bottom of your health problems and recovery is not going to happen over night.

Be patient.

It is a really good idea to Take a snapshot of where you are now.

What I mean is to write down everything that is wrong with you; the food allergies, the bowel problems, the split hair and nails that shatter, your skin condition, your concentration issues, the colds and flu you catch, the yeast and infections, the hormonal issues.

Then, when you have a day that you think you are slipping back to where you were you can pull out this list and look though it and you will be amazed and encouraged by just how far you have come and how well things really are going.

Next Step

If you think that the things we have been talking about here describe your situation then get back to the person who referred you to this site (or if you surfed in here then use the contact form below) and talk about it. We will be happy to give you in depth information and personally support you in how to use our nutrition products in a way that will keep the detox as gentle as possible, help you rebuild your villi to give effective digestion and to rebuild your immune system and get back on the path to living a normal life.

It is best to do this with personal contact because the person on our team you are talking with have probably had direct contact with other people who have had similar issues.

Their role is to be your personal coach and to guide you through this process as you turn your health around.

I have co-authored a book that details all the best proven CFS treatments that you can apply to help you better cope with CFS.

Learn more here about my book available on Amazon in Printed book or Kindle download; "How to Beat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome...and get your life back!"

We wish you every success as you investigate and find solutions to your problems.

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Energy can be defined as vigour or power in action and vitality and intensity of expression. There is physical, intellectual and emotional energy. In today's society, fatigue or the absence of energy, can be divided into chronic (meaning a prolonged condition) or acute (meaning a temporary lacking of energy).

Chronic Fatigue Symptom (CFS) was first recognised in the mid 1980's as a specific disorder and has been found to affect approximately 30% of women and 20% of men. Although Western Medicine has attempted to solve the problem of CFS with drugs, CFS has not responded to drug treatment. In treating CFS, one has to be aware of the mind/body connection.
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