Syndrome X Metabolic Syndrome Prevention Tips

It is thought that metabolic syndrome can explain most illnesses that are killing the population right now, such as heart attack. The signs that someone has metabolic syndrome include high blood pressure, high blood sugar levels, obesity, low good cholesterol (HDL) levels, and fat accumulation around the waist.

It is estimated that one out of six Americans has metabolic syndrome in some form.

Most of the time it is caused by diet and lack of exercise, but it is also thought to be inherited in some cases - mostly in the form of passing on a poor diet.

People who work too much and cannot cook their own meals are especially at risk due to consuming a diet high in processed ingredients like sugar.

If you want to prevent this type of metabolic syndrome from affecting you and your family, try these prevention tips.

* Encourage Activity and Movement – Moving more, especially at a moderate intensity every single day, is one of the best things you can do for your overall health - especially your cardiovascular health.

Try fast walking after dinner for at least 10 to 20 minutes every night to start.

* Improve Everyone’s Diet – It’s hard to diet alone. The thing is, you don’t have to eat food that you don’t like in order to "diet" properly.

You can eat a wide variety of food in reasonable portion sizes that includes lots of fresh veggies, fruit like berries, and whole grains like oats.

Don’t act like it’s a diet. Just eat fresh food that is grown as close to your home as possible while cutting down on added saturated fats and ending eating any trans fats if possible.

* Reduce Sedentary Time – Exercise was mentioned but understand that it may not be enough to work out even every single day; if you’re super-sedentary due to a job or your interests are sedentary, you need to break that up.

Try getting up and walking fast for 10 minutes for every four hours of sitting, and working your way up to moving more every 90 minutes or so.

* Set Yourself Up to Sleep Better – Sleep is vastly underestimated in terms of how it contributes to your overall health. Sleeping at least seven to nine hours a night is necessary.

Until you’re used to it, it may seem indulgent, but you will be much healthier if you go to bed before midnight and sleep at least seven hours.

* Don’t Smoke Cigarettes – Cigarette smoking is one of the biggest killers of our time. Fortunately, every single year the number of people who smoke is being reduced due to education and understanding of the dangers.

It’s bad on your blood pressure and your heart and can wreck your health even if you do everything else right.

* Maintain a Healthy Weight – Staying a healthy weight is best for everyone, especially if you can avoid yo-yo dieting.

Even losing just 10 percent of your body weight if you are obese currently can make a huge difference in your overall health.

* Seek Medical Testing and Treatment – If you try diet and exercise but you still aren’t combatting your problems, seek medical help.

They can do tests and offer medications that can help you beat your condition.

You can always reduce your medications later as you get healthier under a doctor’s supervision.

Preventing problems in the first place is always the best course of action.

If you still end up with any of the diseases associated with metabolic syndromes such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease, your doctor may be able to help you with medical intervention if diet and exercise alone won’t work. However, in most cases, it will.

Eight Tips for Avoiding Sedentary Behavior

One of the worst things you can do for your health besides poor eating habits is to be sedentary.

Being sedentary means that you spend most of your time sitting or lying down regardless of what you’re doing - whether it’s reading, gaming, watching TV, or working.

Training yourself not to be sedentary is probably one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself. Let’s explore ways to avoid sedentary behavior.

1. Get a Stand-Up Desk – If you work at a desk, it’s going to be really hard to avoid being sedentary. Ask your company for a stand-up desk. Some stand-up desks are "sit and stand" desks.

If you work for yourself, you know what to do. Standing instead of sitting while you work at your desk could save your life.

2. Set Your Alarm – If you do need to sit to do something, set the alarm for every 90 to 100 minutes. This is designed to get you up and moving on a regular basis.

Go for a brisk walk for 10 minutes at least every four hours, and you won’t be considered sedentary anymore.

3. Park at the End – When you need to go someplace to park, always park far from the entrance. This will force you to get in more walking.

If you can walk or ride the bus instead of drive, that’s also a preferable way to get around and much healthier.

4. Plan to Be Active – Instead of planning more sedentary activities such as movie watching and sitting around eating, plan active things.

Plan a trip to the park to play Frisbee; plan a family outing at the lake. Do things that are active. Even if you’re not used to it, you will become more accustomed to it as you keep doing it.

5. Walk after Dinner – Science says that one of the best times to walk is after your meals, especially if it’s a heavy one.

Walking briskly for at least twenty minutes within 30 minutes of swallowing your last bite can totally reverse the effects of a high-fat meal.

6. Avoid Elevators – Anytime you see an elevator, that’s your key to find the stairs. At first, it will seem so impossible you’ll wonder why you’re doing it.

However, within a relatively short time you will be used to it; it’ll feel normal, and your body will thank you for it.

7. Clean during Commercials – If you must watch television, make a commitment not to fast forward during commercials.

Instead, clean and move more during them. Even if all you do is march in place, it’ll make a big difference.

8. Schedule Everything – If you want to be more active, schedule it. In fact, schedule your down time too.

Schedule everything so that you know you have enough time to accomplish your goals.

If you want to move more, just write it down and you’ll be more likely to stick to it.

It’s easy to get lost in life and not realize how sedentary you are. If you work from a desk, you’re likely very sedentary.

The fact is, studies show that being sedentary is one of the worst things you can do for your health.

Finding ways to avoid sedentary behavior will go far in helping you improve your health.

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