Suggestions to Stop Snoring

Whether you are already a snorer or do not want to become one, knowing what causes it is the first step toward educating yourself.

Simple snoring is not generally the cause of more serious problems but it could be so avoiding it entirely is the best course of action.

While not everyone snores, there are a large number of those who do. Some aren't even aware they have the problem, but it will soon be brought to their attention by others.

It is possible to prevent snoring altogether.

When the movable section of the throat collides, snoring occurs.There is hanging tissue at the back of the mouth that causes vibration when air moves through the throat; that vibration is noisy. It occurs at night because that is when the throat is totally relaxed.

Sure, we breath all day, but we only snore when the neck and throat muscles are completely relaxed. In fact, that's one of the recommendations for snorers; that they remain in a tight sleeping position.

Try sleeping on your side if you prefer to avoid the tense type of posture. Sleeping on your back causes the head to fall backwards also causing the jaw to drop and the tongue to fall into the throat. This blocks the airway. Pressure increases. Snoring occurs. The level of sound depends on the amount of air moving around the blockage.

Snoring frequently occurs in people who are overweight. This happens because overweight people have thicker necks and the potential of more tissue to block the airway.

The treatment here is obvious. A serious weight loss plan will reduce the snoring.

Breathing through the mouth is another practice that can lead to snoring. A conscious effort to pay attention to your breathing can change a habit of mouth breathing to breathing through your nose.

Most of what we discussed here are life-changing skills. Unless you have actual physical deformities like enlarged tonsils or adenoids, you are basically in charge of whether you snore or do not.


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