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Statistics show that about 45% of adult’s snores from time to time while around 25% snores regularly. This is mostly considered as a problem that needs some intervention or treatment.

Generally, snoring is most common in men than women. Overweight people show more tendencies to snore than those within normal weight. Age appears to aggravate the situation as well.


What Causes snoring ?

So what really are the causes of snoring? Basically, the sounds produced while snoring come from the vibration and striking of certain structures at the inner side of the mouth and nose. The inside part of the tongue and the upper throat bump with the uvula and palate thus air cannot flow easily.

Moreover, the quality of the muscles of the tongue and throat has a great impact on snoring. Too much relaxation of the muscles, due to alcohol or sleep-inducing drugs, causes the tongue to linger into the air passageway or the throat to bunch into the airway. Such may also happen if a person has been too tired and has fallen into a really deep sleep.

In addition to these, people with bulky throat tissues also snore. This explains why overweight people are more likely to snore since the tissues of their neck are equally bulky. Children with enlarged tonsils also snore.

Having a long palate that partially blocks the opening from the nose to the throat is also being pointed out as a cause. At it dangles along the passageway, a noise is being produced. If a long uvula pairs up with this condition, snoring becomes worse.

If there are obstructions in the nasal airways, snoring may also be expected. Such makes the uptake of air more difficult and forces together the throat tissues toward the middle. With this, snoring is most rampant during cold seasons in which people are more prone to catching colds and other sinus problems.

Risk Factors:

While snoring is not as serious as other medical conditions, it has to be given attention as it may lead to further health problems. Normally, the snorer does not get enough sleep and rest because sleep patterns are disturbed. Likewise, severe snoring may lead to other long-term conditions, an example of which is called obstructive sleep apnea that includes episodes of totally blocked breathing.

Should snoring not lead to other serious conditions, the social implications still remain very disturbing and it can negatively affect relationships. It is important that the person consults an otolaryngologist who can examine the nose, mouth, palate, throat, and even neck. Sleep studies in a laboratory may be necessary to further identify the severity of the condition.


With this disturbing condition, a lot of companies have designed devices that are said to cure snoring. About 300 devices or more are already registered in U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Some of these evolve from a traditional idea in which a tennis ball is put inside a sock that is then sewed to the back of the pajama. Supposedly, this forces the snoring person to sleep on his back, which counters the findings, that snoring become worse if a person lies on his back.

When to seek Medical Advice:

There have indeed been several variations when it comes to snoring devices. Some keep the lower jaw forward, some work on the nasal passage and keep it open, and some even create an unfavorable stimulus as soon as a person snores. However, these devices sometimes do not work primarily because the person who snores cannot control his own snoring nor be aware of it. If these devices have worked for some, it is probably because they disturb the sleep somehow and wakeup the person from time to time.


1. Anti-Snoring Sprays.
These sprays are specifically applied on the throat and claims to provide snoring relief for as much as eight hours.

The idea is to lubricate the tissues of the throat to prevent it from drying out. The sprays also tone the both the loose and vibrating tissues of that throat so that snoring is further reduced.

These sprays contain blends of essential oils such as wintergreen, peppermint, and menthol. And because it has to be sprayed deep into the mouth, it is also made in a fresh taste.

It comes with a directed spray nozzle so that the substance is sprayed on the right area. It is supposed to be used 3 to 4 times before bedtime to ensure effectiveness.

2. Anti-Snoring Nasal Strips.
These strips are used when snoring is caused primarily by nasal congestion. If you have runny nose or sinusitis, you will almost always breathe with your mouth. The nasal strips' job is to make sure that your nose is widely open at night so as to allow the air to pass through.

Anti-Snoring nasal strips are sometimes used in conjunction with chin strips, which in turn, ensures that the mouth is closed when you sleep.

Snoring may also originate from the mouth. And if it is closed, snoring may stop. Now if either the nasal or the chin strips do not solve your snoring problem, most probably the problem is caused by something else.

3. Anti-snoring Nasal Drops.
These nasal drops to counter snoring are considered to be a homeopathic way of solving the disorder. Several drops, about two to four, are to be placed on the nostrils before bedtime.

It is a temporary relief, and do not boast of any long-term effect. Be aware though that some brands do not allow children below 12 years old to use it.

Anti-snoring nasal drops are priced cheap at less than $10. Most of which are clinically proven to be safe, easy, and effective. It usually contains Dioscorea Villosa and Zingiber Officinale in parts diluted in water.

4. Anti-Snoring Pills
If nasal sprays and drops contain essential oils, anti-snoring pills contain plant enzymes to aid in reducing the instances of snoring. The herbs and enzymes in the pill help break down bodily secretions, especially mucous. When that happens, congestion is reduced.

Several of the herbal ingredients also help in preventing the throat and nose from swelling. All of these would result in a better air way. And that could effectively reduce snoring in some.

5. Anti-Snoring Natural Essential Oils
A lot of natural essential oils help in reducing snoring. And this is the main reason why they always appear as ingredients in other anti-snoring products. The essential oils reduce tension inside the throat, mouth, and nose.

Examples of the essential oils used to relieve snoring are sunflower seed oil, menthol, wintergreen oil, and peppermint oil.

These are the different alternatives used to control snoring. These do not involve any medical procedure, or any medical prescription at all.

They work solely on the basis that snoring is caused by problems on the air passageways.

Being such, they may not be effective to people whose cause of snoring is lying somewhere else.


When other snoring remedies fail, the alternative may be surgery. Snoring surgery involves widening airways by removing obstructive tissues and sometimes the tonsils, although most doctors prefer to leave these if possible. There are several drawbacks to snoring surgery, the main ones being that obese patients, who are usually the most severe snorers, cannot be operated on because they are high risk patients.For these patients, the only effective way to stop snoring is to drastically lose weight. Another drawback is that surgery may need to be repeated, as it is difficult to assess normal breathing during the procedure.

Snoring in children is considered more effectively treatable by surgery than in adults, because in children snoring is usually caused by very localised blockage by lymph tissues. It is very important to diagnose and stop snoring in children because it has been linked to Attention Deficit Syndrome and cot deaths in infants, among other syndromes.

Self Care strategies for Living with snoring

There are simple ways that a person can do to somehow prevent this condition as listed in the treatment section above.

One of the main ways is to keep your weight in the recommended levels.

If you are overweight then go on a sensible weight loss program.

Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle is one as it tones the muscles and keeps weight within the normal level. Conditioning oneself to a regular sleeping pattern can also help as well as not taking alcohol or sleep-inducing drugs right before going to sleep.

Modifying your Lifestyle to Eliminate Snoring

The bedroom is an area of the house that permits you to enjoy a long and peaceful sleep, but not so if you're with somebody who snores heavily.

If so, you can just start kissing your sweet dreams goodbye.

Snoring has transformed to be a serious dilemma to several people. Over time, a lot of techniques, products, and methods have been introduced so as to minimize and eventually eliminate snoring.

Eradicate your snoring habits by changing your lifestyle. There are some simple things that could have contributed to the instances of snoring, and you don't know about it.

Here are good suggestions that you can follow to effectively take away the snoring from your sleep.

1. Stop smoking.
Smoking is known to irritate a person's air passageways. As smoking relaxes the muscles, it also begins to create nasal and lung congestion.

Even the people who are exposed to second-hand smoke are also susceptible to the same problems as first-hand smokers have.

In fact, smokers develop habitual snoring. Habitual snoring is described as a loud, annoying, and sleep-disturbing form of snoring. This happens almost three nights in a week minimum for smokers.

Further studies have shown that those who smoke are more likely to snore at night than those who do not. The chemicals found in tobacco, cigars, and cigarettes irritate the airway's linings.

It inflames them heavily and causing them to become more narrow. When this happens, the normal airflow is obstructed. And so a person snores.

Also, as a smoker sleeps, he also experiences chemical changes like nicotine withdrawal. Nicotine is found out to affect the cells that are related to the body's breathing process.

When the body proceeds to undergo these changes, the result is snoring.

2. Reduce alcohol intake
Alcohol have no body benefits, except may be for an occasional sip of wine. But if you do have sleeping disorders, consuming alcohol may even worsen the situation.

In worse case scenarios, it can even kill you. Drinking takes your body to full relaxation.

The throat's muscles tend to relax and that could cause abnormal breathing. During these instances, the body's reaction is to gasp for air.

If you are sound asleep, your body adjusts accordingly and instructs the lungs, including the nasal organs to work overtime. And this is why you usually snore after drinking too much.

3. Don't take unnecessary drugs
Drugs not prescribed by a doctor should be stopped. Certain drugs for certain illnesses may contain chemicals and substances that can change the chemical composition of the body that have something to do with the breathing process.

To effectively determine if the particular drug you are taking causes you to snore, try not to take it for a day.

Observe if you will snore during the night as you sleep. If you did not, then you become sure that it is the drug that encouraged the habit. Go ask your doctor for possible alternatives, if any.

4. Stay away from sleeping pills
If possible, do not rely on these substances to sleep. The effect of sleeping pills when it comes to snoring is the same as the effect of alcohol.

These pills cause deep sleep. When that happens, the muscles of the tongue and the throat become too relaxed. And so, their tendency is to fall back towards the air passageways. And a blocked airway is the most common cause of snoring.

5. Address infections and allergies accordingly
Do not ignore you allergies or infections, especially if it has something to do with your sense of smell. Congested nasal airway and sinusitis are some of the common reasons why people snore.

If you know for a fact that you have a problem like these, address it accordingly. Go to your doctor and request for the necessary treatment or medication.

Inform him also that you have a sleeping disorder, so that he will give you a drug that won't contribute to your condition. Much more, he might prescribe something that has a double effect.

And that is to rid you of your allergies while correcting your sleeping disorder.

These are the five things you can do to stop snoring at night. These tips require you to subtly change your way of life. But do not worry.

What you will be doing is for your own good. Just imagine the good night sleep that you'll enjoy from then on.

Stop Snoring Throat Exercise :

Stop snoring exercises that help strengthen and tone the muscles in the throat can help alleviate snoring and, in some cases, actually get rid of it altogether.

Here are three snoring exercises to improving throat strength/toning throat muscles:

1. Take a pencil and hold it between the teeth for up to 5 minutes. The grip should be firm, but not painful at all. 2. Take your finger and gently press against your chin for a few minutes (no more than 3).

3. Push your tongue against your lower row of teeth for about five minutes.

These exercises should be performed just before bedtime, and no strain should occur. It should not at all be a painful experience!

The goal is simply to retrain some of the throat muscles that have lost their tone through a variety of factors, including age itself. Any or all of the above stop snoring exercises should help tighten the neck muscles, and thus lead to less airway vibration (and subsequent snoring).

Additional exercises that help tone the overall body can also help with snoring.

There are a number of factors, however, that will determine if the fat that has gathered around the neck is actually going to reduce; if an individual is genetically predisposed to acquire fat in that area, it could last for quite a while.

However, some improvement in muscle tone should lead to an improvement in snoring; at least, perhaps, in the reduction of noise.

While this may not be the ideal solution, it can be a step in the right direction.

Throat Muscle Toners

These throat muscle toners generally aim to achieve the following:
• restore throat muscle strength
• keep the air channel open
• allow the air to flow to the lungs without any obstruction

Muscle toners are, like most non-surgical devices, un-medicated, non-habit forming, and generally inexpensive. Throat muscle toners come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and even colors to suit individual preferences and requirements.

Vitamin & Nutrient Associations

If weight may be a factor in your snoring then weight loss is the best answer for the problem and for your health in general.

There are a whole serious of weight loss pages on this site. You are probably best to click onto the link to Your Health Online the A to Z directory of dealing with Health Problems & nutritional Self Care Strategies and have a bit of a wander through the information and articles or go straight to our link on Your Health Online Weight Loss

More Resources available about Sleep disorders & how to stop snoring :

Check how your body system works to see if you think improving your overall health and wellness will assist with the snoring.

Here is a good article: nutrition

Also you may wish to check General Health Indicators and lose 5 kg

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