Reasons and Cures for Snoring

Collapsing throat tissue while we sleep creates the loud sounds of snoring. They dangle loosely in the throat when relaxed with airflow causing them to move about. |Sound is produced when these parts strike each other as air passes through and causes them to vibrate and produce sound. There are a number of causes from this condition that people suffer from:

Snoring is likely to occur when there is excessive flesh in the throat; when that additional tissue collides snoring will likely occur. For example, this is why people with abnormal adenoids or tonsils tend to snore. Extra tissue in the neck like that found in obese people add more potential snoring because of that over abundance. Tumors and cysts also cause snoring but this occurs only rarely.

A very soft palate and long uvula are found in many people. As we breathe these types of muscles can dangle. Regular air passage in the throat is prevented because these act like fluttering valves and obstructing the airway.

Passage of air between the lungs and nose maybe inhibited because of this kind of blockage. A vacuum is created when you have a stuffy nose and causes you to breath harder. Susceptible to excessive movement, this happens when parts are dangling loosely.
The possibility of snoring when one doesn't usually do so can increase greatly with hay fever season. Some people only snore when sick. An underlying bone within the nasal bridge separating nostrils, the nasal septum can have abnormalities, which could create an obstruction in the airflow.

When the jaw lowers during sleep, the space that is created lets the tongue slip back into the throat causing you to breathe through the mouth, which is a major cause of snoring. Another obstruction is created thereby causing vibration and resulting in snoring.

The best cure is eliminating any extra tissue in the throat that creates the blockage. Either weight loss or surgery can cause this to happen.

Removing unwanted tissue is accomplished surgically through a variety of different procedures. Some procedures disintegrate tissue electrically via scraping and that tissue reabsorbs by the body. There are many ways to lose weight if that is what causes your snoring. A complete diet and workout plan needs to be prepared for the snorer. If the snorer has a deviated septum the optimum treatment is surgery. Careful evaluation by the doctor needs to be the basis for this decision.

Changing to nasal breathing can now be a great cure for mouth breathing. A large variety of stop snoring devices encourage a shift from mouth breathing to nose breathing. Nasal passage problems are simpler to resolve.


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