Proper Nutrition & It's Impact On Our Bodies

Nutrition is the science that studies the relationship on the food that we eat and how this food is used by our body as a source of fuel for growth and daily activities. We need to understand how food serves as our first line of defense to combat diseases and ailments, and how it can be a major cause of or at least contribute to illness and disease. This understanding will enable us to make intelligent decisions about our daily eating habits, decisions that can have an impact on our long term health and longevity.

Food deficiencies, excess food group intake and nutrition imbalances associated by not eating right directly impacts our health and well being and this can lead to complications and diseases such as obesity, diabetes, heart problems, osteoporosis and other debilitating health conditions. Proper exercise and good nutrition are often the key to living a long and healthy life.

Carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, fiber and water are the 7 main types of nutrients that the body needs in order to carry out its body processes resulting in good health. Imbalanced nutrition acquired through an excess or lack of it causes health problems that affects the entire body.

Skipping meals will do more harm than good, whether your goal is simply to save time or to lose weight. When you skip meals your body stops or slows down its functions, slowing your metabolism and stores excess food or glucose, which is then converted into fat. Eating breakfast, lunch and dinner will command your body to turn food into energy. This ongoing energy will make up for any time lost while eating a meal.

Drink lots and lots of water, at least 6-8 glasses a day to keep the body hydrated and full of energy. Avoid carbonated drinks of all kinds and completely avoid all alcoholic drinks because these strip your body of its precious water.

Trim down excess fat on meat - eat lean meat in order to keep the muscles strong. Leaner meat choices have the building blocks for promoting faster metabolic processes. A high protein diet has been shown to reduce heart disease and other health problems. Milk and other dairy products, soy products, fish, meat and poultry are good sources of protein.

Choose more whole grain products to fill up on fiber which greatly helps in reducing diseases such as colon cancer and the dreaded heart disease; additionally, a high fiber diet helps to control blood cholesterol and blood sugar by making you feel full. This type of diet is also recommended for weight control.

Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber and have low caloric content as well. The recommended diet should be at least 5 servings of these food groups daily. Fruits and vegetables are highly recommended for in between snacks.

Daily and consistent exercise decreases the risk of diabetes, heart disease and other ailments thereby prolonging one?s life. Just start out slowly and over time you can build up your momentum and stamina, as your body adjusts to the higher level of activity.

The truth is that some diets are more appropriate for particular individuals because of certain medical conditions, etc. Therefore, although you can find great information about healthy diets online, it is always best to check with a professional about what is best for you and your specific needs. A nutritionist can provide a much more targeted approach in using food as a preventative or curative solution for you. Your physician can also offer some guidance.

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Even when we try to eat well, we're disadvantaged. The nutritional content of most food has been compromised over the years, not only by deficient soils and modern production, transportation, storage and processing methods, but also by the enormous amounts of chemical and artificial substances added to promote growth, storage life, taste and appearance.

It's for this reason that more and more medical authorities are advocating the use of vitamin and mineral supplements. However, finding them in the right combination can be both confusing and costly.

The nutrition products I am going to recommend you make use of knowledge gained from the botanical world's 6,000 year history. They incorporated health building nutritional herbs with the best modern technology to help our bodies cleanse and detoxify so that the cells - the tiniest living units - can be as fully nourished as possible.

This allows the cells to grow, repair and to perform their functions with the best possible efficiency so that we feel and look better and are more able to prevent and fight disease. Once the body begins to clear itself of toxins it can more efficiently absorb nutrition.

Further reading through our articles on health issues will give you a body of information that will help you decide what options you have to deal with the underlying causes of your problem through giving your body the nutrition products that will assist you body to heal from the inside out.

You can visit our health food products page here: Herbalife Health Nutrition Supplements and learn more about our core nutrition program, the Cellular Nutrition Advanced Program and also check out these targeted products, Florafiber to replace your healthy flora and Aloe Vera Juice to help cleanse your system.

We wish you well in your search for solutions to this problem and your movement towards better health in all areas.


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