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Nutrition For Your Cells.

By Warren Tattersall and Susan Smith


We all remember hearing as children that “an apple a day will keep the doctor away”. Apples are great for nutrition, fibre, even water, but we need more than that. Modern research has clearly shown that a truly health diet needs to contain:

• protein,
• carbohydrates,
• fats,
• vitamins,
• minerals,
• oils,
• dietary fibre,
• and sufficient clean water,
-If it is to support long term, sustainable, good health.

If this is backed up by some regular exercise then you have the possibility of having a good metabolism and a highly active immune system.

Basically, the stronger your immune system the healthier you are and, as a consequence, the more protected you are from environmental factors that lead to infection and sickness. If you eat foods that are rich in the nutrients your body needs it is able to keep you strong at a cellular level. You are giving the body the tools it needs to keep your immune system strong. A strong immune system supports individuals having fewer colds and viruses and they are better equipped to fight off illnesses at all levels, be that colds or chronic diseases.

Our problem as a community is that an average modern diet of coffee, fast food, snacks and sugars, does not give us enough of the essential micronutrients, and the botanical factors, that our body needs.

When we are lacking the essential nutrition ingredients, the basic building blocks that our body needs to maintain the various systems of our body, we are at risk of our whole system of health becoming compromised.

We are not able to handle the stresses of daily life anywhere near as effectively as we should expect to, and many people have such low energy levels that they struggle with just normal activity. They have no idea what it feels like to have dynamic health and having energy to spare for doing things above and beyond their normal daily routine.

This may be a big part in the explanation of why nerve, anxiety and digestive medications are among the highest prescribed medications in the world.

Poor overall nutrition, leads to poor health and manifests in a younger person as low energy, low immune system, and difficulty handling stress. As an individual matures, these initial indicators of poor health often move into more significant problems, and other diet related illnesses, including heart attack, cancers and stroke.

There are some situations where ignorance is bliss and many people seem to think that what they do not know will not hurt them. In this case, not knowing what is going on in your body could well Kill You!

Many of us realize there is a problem and so attempt to eat a healthy and well balanced diet but, even then, we're disadvantaged. The nutritional value of most foods is not what it was in our parents’ time as it has been compromised.

Techniques such as growing foods in soils that are deficient in nutrients, forcing production with fertilizers and chemical additives, and then picking the produce before it is fully ripened, is the modern way to farm. This might make good economic sense, and give us cheaper produce, but it is extremely damaging to the nutritional value of the food. Without the basic nutrients derived from the soil, without allowing fruits to ripen on the vines, storing produce for weeks or months or, as is sometimes the case with apples, Years, all decrease the nutritional value of the foods we are offered.

Repeatedly, studies are showing that a diet that was once considered healthy is nowadays not giving us the minimum nutrition we need on a daily basis to keep our bodies strong.

More and more medical authorities are advocating the use of vitamin and mineral supplements. The majority of people in western countries now take some form of supplement product.

The vitamins and minerals are essential to maintaining good health while the herbs and botanical factors help cleanse and purify our bodies and support specific bodily functions.

To understand how to get nutrition in a form that our body can use easily, and deliver quickly to our cells, we need to understand our bodies are constantly replacing old cells with newer, healthier cells, at a rate of Billions of cells a day.

To replace the old cells with healthier cells there are a couple of conditions. The body needs a clean base to work on and if we are loading our systems with chemicals and pollutants then we impede the process of the body in building strong and healthy cells. Also, when the nutritional intake is adequate, the new cells are always healthier. If the nutrition is deficient then our bodies do not have the tools to replace the old cells with optimum quality new cells and adequate nutrition is essential for this.

For healthy cell regeneration to occur most effectively, we need balanced amounts of basic food groups every day……..

• Proteins; our organs deteriorate if they don't get an adequate supply.
• Carbohydrates; are the body's preferred energy source to fuel cellular metabolism.
• Fats; provide the most concentrated possible energy source within the diet.
• Vitamins and Minerals; absorbed within five hours, they must be replaced daily.
• Oils; preserve the structural and functional integrity of the cells.
• Dietary Fibre; work our bowel and digestive system and keep it healthy.
• Water; to flush away toxins and keep our systems clean and functioning at optimum levels.


1. Cleansing
2. Absorption
3. Cellular Regeneration



Many of us live on diets of highly processed foods and we eat at irregular times or at least have our heaviest meals at the wrong time of the day. We have foods that are low in fibre and high in sugars and fats.

This means that the food we do eat takes much longer than it should to pass through our bowel and it putrefies and creates toxic stress on our organs.

The stress on our livers of breaking down high levels of animal products, meats and fats, as well as the drugs and poisons often associated with animal meats, causes problems. Often people’s livers are swollen and strained from the load we put them under.

The constant demand for digestive enzymes, due to the lack of enzymes contained within the food we eat, can cause the pancreas to swell to an abnormal size.

The villi and microvilli in the small intestine draw nutrients from the foods we eat and pass them through the walls of the small intestine, into our blood stream and lymph system for delivery to our cells. They become compromised by being brittle and break off.

If stressed they don’t regenerate, as they are naturally suppose to. If we then eat high fat foods they can layer our digestive system from our stomach to our colon, with mucus like rubbish that prevents us absorbing the nutrition from the food we eat, and compromises our entire health system.

Our bodies are hugely resilient and can deal with incredible abuse but if we eat low fibre food and don’t exercise we can look forward to a high risk of bowel or colon cancer.

If we allow ourselves to become overweight and don’t pay attention to the amount of sugars we are eating, we are likely to join the growing ranks of people who suffer diabetes.

If we allow our arteries to clog up with plaque, we can look forward to heart attack and stroke.

In earlier years the result from poor nutrition is low energy and not living life to the full.

As people reach middle age, 50, 60 years, these unwise food and nutrition choices are manifesting in chronic illness and even death.

Medical authorities are happy to admit that up to 80% of all sickness and death can be directly linked to nutritional causes. We need to pay attention and do something about it, or we are likely to deal with sickness, diseases, and shorter lives as a result.

What steps can we take to aid our bodies in keeping us well?

First let’s go back to an earlier statement. The body will always replace old cells with newer, healthier cells, provided it has a clean base to work on.

Modern life feeds chemicals into our bodies: petrol fumes, tobacco smoke (either self administered or from being around smokers), the growth hormones and other chemicals that are pumped into most meats we buy from the shops, preservatives and colourings in food, cleaning chemicals, etc, etc, etc. We are surrounded by chemicals in every part of our lives.

If we live in modern society we are absorbing chemicals every day.

We need to clean these out of our system on a regular basis.

If we do not then the chemical builds up and the toxic overload shows initially as:

• Bowel issues: diarrhoea or constipation.
• Skin issues: acne, pimples, boils and liver spots.
• Bad perspiration & body odour.
• Bad breath.
And so on, as our bodies try to aid our overtaxed kidneys and push the poisons out in any way they can.

When the overload becomes too great we are at risk of chronic disease and even fatal conditions, stemming from this problem.

A herbal based nutrition programs should be packed with herbs that gently, but firmly, detoxify your body. They draw the toxins and poisons out of the muscles and vital organs and dump them into the blood stream where they can be passed out of your body with your waste products.

This is one reason why you are always recommended to drink at least 8 large glasses of clean water a day (i.e. 2 litres – 1 Quart). While you should be drinking this anyway it is extremely important at the beginning of a good nutrition program as it is required if you are going to flush the poisons out of your body and start on the road to better health.


When you eat food it goes through a definite process.

You start by breaking it or cutting it into manageable size pieces.

Next, you chew the food to break it down and at the same time, the saliva in your mouth introduces enzymes into the food that begin to break it down also.

The food goes to your stomach where the stomach acids and the action of the stomach break it down further to a soup like consistency.

It then enters the small intestine where there are further enzymes breaking it down to even finer elements.

This reduces the food to small enough particles for your body to absorb them.

Most of the nutrition that absorbs into your body does so through the small intestine.

The intestine itself is very long, about 6.5 m (22 ft) long.

The walls of the intestine are not flat but corrugated.

Upon them are the villi and on them tiny micro-villi.

These are small finger like protrusions that wave in the food “soup” and absorb nutrition.

One Indian doctor I met described the effect as being like having a seaweed forest on the inside of your intestine that the food passes through. Just as the seaweed draws nutrition out of the ocean, so the villi and micro villi draw nutrition out of the food we have eaten.

The villi draws the nutrients through the walls of the small intestine and deposits them into the blood steam or the lymph system, which then takes them through out the body and delivers them where needed to support new cells being created and cellular regeneration.


Also, just like the seaweed that becomes torn up and thrown on the beach during a storm, our villi is delicate and can be easily damaged. Just like the seaweed our villi is intended to regenerate quickly.

If we stress the villi too much they become brittle and break off and under continued stress, they do not regenerate but become broken and stumpy. They then can be covered with fats from the food we eat and a build up of mucus creates an effective barrier that prevents much of the nutrition from the food we eat, to be absorbed.

When this happens the villi are said to be “Energetically Impaired”.

The things that stress the villi are:

• Poor food choices, high fats, high sugar, low fibre.
• Irregular eating patterns.
• Irregular sleep patterns, (very common for shift workers).
• Environmental toxins as we discussed earlier.
• The Two Worst Factors for Damaging villi are: Antibiotics and Stress.

Do you know anyone who has been under stress lately? Not getting regular, nutritious meals? Having broken sleep times? Using antibiotics?

These lifestyle issues just seem to be part of everyday living in modern society.

If you are noticing that you are often weary, not handling stress as well as you would expect, losing concentration in the afternoon, waking up without feeling rested, then it is very likely that you have ‘Energetically Impaired’ villi.

A study by the Cambridge University many years ago concluded that the surface area of the inside of the small intestine of an average adult male would be somewhere in the region of Two Soccer Ovals! If the same person had fully Energetically Impaired villi that surface area could be as little as One Tennis Court!

Imagine lawn fertilizer being poured over two soccer ovals and then imagine the same fertilizer being poured over a single tennis court. Of course, much would run off the tennis court, and the same principle applies to our villi. If they are ‘Energetically Impaired’ then we are starved of nutrition, no matter what we eat. In this case the body is not able to produce new healthy cells at the level it should and our system suffers.

This has been like making a photocopy of a photo. The copy is okay but maybe not quite as good as the original. If we then photocopy the copy, the image is a little worse. When we get eight or ten copies from the original we may not even be able to tell what the original photo was!

In our body this equates to things starting to go wrong and them being run down.

A proper nutrition programs will blend mixture of herbs and botanical factors along with the vitamins and minerals we need, to promote the regeneration of the villi. In a normal, healthy person with the use of the right products we expect to see this process of rebuilding the villi, accompanied by a measurable change in personal energy, within about three to seven days of starting on the products.

Once this happens it is like copying the original photograph with each photo getting better and better. In our bodies this shows as the cells getting healthier and healthier and us feeling better and better.


Once the body has cleared itself of toxins, poisons and rebuilt its villi, giving it the capacity to absorb the food we eat, we can then provide nutrition for the cells. This requires nutrition products which have a total balance of everything the body needs on a daily basis, in a form that can be delivered directly to the basic building blocks of the body, the cells, quickly and easily.

This gives the quickest way for the body to rebuild its strength and health because the body is given the tools it needs to heal itself.


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