My symptoms had halved

My name is Amanda Jackson, I am 25 years of age and have just recently moved from Sydney to Melbourne.

I needed a little extra cash so in June turned to the “Age” newspaper for a part time job. On a Thursday evening I went along to a Herbalife Opportunity Meeting in Elwood and was introduced to Herbalife, on the following Saturday I went back and signed up as a distributor.

I started my Cellular Nutrition programme that afternoon and have never looked back since. Within 24 hours I had an incredible energy shift, within 3 weeks I had lost 4kg, which I didn’t think I had to lose, and that was without any exercise, and being a personal trainer I was really amazed.

However what really got my attention was that since I was 13 years of age I have suffered menstrual problems, and 4 years ago was diagnosed with “Polyscistic Ovaries”.

A few of my symptoms were, extremely bad stomach cramping, lower back pain, skin blemishes, depression, fatigue and irregular cycles. After only 3 months on Herbalife’s Cellular Nutrition Program my symptoms had at least halved, some even disappearing.

I was so amazed and excited with what was happening, after all, I was only looking for some extra cash but gained an incredible product result.

Due to my excitement and confidence with the product my business really started to take off. People started noticing my energy levels, my skin was so clear and hair so shiny, not to mention the fat loss.

From this cash started coming in. My second month I went Success Builder, third month Supervisor, and now in my fourth month in the business I have reached World Team and am off to Bali with two of my first line supervisors, I can’t believe it.

I am doing the business part time and consistently bringing in $300 - $500 per week retail and my first royalty cheque was over $1000.00 - what a bonus!

A big thankyou goes out to George Knight and Sheldon Leon for their upmost support and guidance. I have always dreamed of being financially free and now I know with Herbalife I am on my way, and it is all just through helping people achieve optimal health and their financial goals.

The products are truly incredible and the business opportunity second to none - Herbalife really is
“ The way of Life”

Tailor Made


We are part of a group of Nutritional Consultants, and we welcome new partners in the team, so there is also some information available here for people wanting a career in health and nutrition.

It may be for just some extra cash-flow each month, or it may be for creating serious wealth. We offer both.

If you have checked out the business development section, and you would like to talk to me further about starting your own Health & Wellness business, please contact me to arrange a personal consultation with me. We would love to have you working with us.

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