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Bob & Helen Taylor - Tailormade - Bendigo Herbalife

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People wonder why we are so passionate about Herbalife. It is because of the difference Herbalife has made to our lives especially at our age of 73yrs & 70yrs

When we were introduced to Herbalife, we were running a Take-away food shop. Bob was also working as a Sales Rep. for a building firm traveling many Kilometers most days as well as working in the shop. We were both continually tired, and had very high Stress levels, were not eating properly, and our Health was deteriorating rapidly.

Not really expecting too much, we were amazed by the health results we experienced when we skeptically commenced using these nutritional pure food programs.

We both lost some excess weight and size (in 6 weeks Bob lost 8kgs, & Helen lost 6kgs) and have maintained this for 16 years, energy levels went up, and stress levels dropped dramatically. Bob was suffering from duodenal ulcers, prostate problems, arthritis and hardening of the arteries, which I believed were signs of aging. Within a very short time the symptoms of all these problems began to disappear, and they have not returned.

Helen has lowered her cholesterol levels, reduced her blood pressure, and no longer needs blood pressure tablets. As if that wasn't enough, the arthritis in her hands cleared allowing her to continue to play lawn bowls, warts under her fingernails went away, and psoriasis under the hair cleared up.

This left us with a terrific feeling of well-being and an absolute faith in the products.

We were so excited, we started telling other people, although most were already asking us anyway because of our results, and our change of attitude to life, so our business just grew, and has kept growing.

We now receive income from all over Australia, and from several other countries (which we have never been to.) We closed our other business, and have traveled overseas many times including cruising the Bahamas for 6 days & nights as well as many trips within Australia.

What we really love is the emotional rewards we have experienced, as these products change people lives, and this makes us “feel good about us" and very proud of what we do, every day.

Bob still goes to the Doctor every 12 months for his annual check-up and as per usual everything was absolutely perfect, then the Doctor added much to his surprise “you know what you are body is getting younger & younger” he loves to hear that, also he has not been on any medication since being on Herbalife.

In 2004 Helen was diagnosed with a degenerative hip, meaning that she walked with a limp, her leg giving way at odd times, not able to bend down and it was very painful.

When the Joint Support Complex was introduced here she has found that the pain has gone from her hip, no more ‘giving away’ at times, not walking with a limp and also she is now able to bend down more freely.

Feel free to explore the valuable online health information on the site (just click on the links below to learn more) then get back to me on the email form below to take the next steps or to answer any more questions you may have.


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For information on the science behind the Herbalife products and how to incorparate Herbalife Products as a Tool in Existing Health and Fitness Practices,read or download this in-depth guide: Medical Pack

To download the report from the link above, so you can read it at your leasure or give it to friends, simply right click on the link. You will get a dialog box with options. Choose "Save Link As..." and you can then save it to your own computer. We hope you enjoy it.

India If you have are in India, or from India, or just interested in the Indian market I would like to talk with you.

We are working with India right now as part of a long term project tied to the development of Herbalife india. If you would like more information on this please click here and check things out. Working with India

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