Meditation: Connection Between Mind, Body & Spirit

It’s been said that the mind, body and spirit work together to make us who we are. Each aspect of us has a direct impact on the others and if we are feeling poorly in one area the others will also suffer.

Our physical health largely depends on our diet and exercise. Not surprisingly, the health of our mind is also dependent to a great extent on the same things. We need to actively be learning throughout life to help keep our brains as sharp as possible. We need to experience new things and meet new people. Believe it or not, even our outlook on life can have an impact on our health.

If we have a negative outlook on life we can become more prone to depression, anxiety, and other such disorders. When individuals suffer with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, etc. they try to find ways to cope. One way is through eating. Some people tend to overeat and others lose weight. Eating disorders are common among individuals suffering with such ailments. Further, with eating disorders comes various health issues, and in extreme cases, even death. This is just one example of the cycle of impact of mind, body and spirit.

Meditation is one way that people connect the three areas of their being in a positive way. Meditating allows one to calm the mind as the body relaxes and there is a spiritual connection. Some people practice meditation in a somewhat formalized fashion and others make it a simple practice. In order to perfect meditation skills one will need to practice, but even beginning with simple relaxation techniques can result in feelings of renewed vitality and rejuvenation.

One reason meditation has this effect is that it is a known stress reliever. A reduction in stress means an increase in brain power for other thoughts. Clearly, when you are stressed you have little control over your thoughts as they continually drift back to the problem. This makes it difficult to focus on other things, including your health and spiritual needs.
Meditation includes a focus on breathing. Some people imagine that they can see the breaths go into and leaving their bodies. They may use the image of beautiful colored air being breathed in and ugly, stale air being exhaled. This imagery can help the individual to feel full of revitalized energy afterward.

Other people simply focus on taking slow even breaths. People experienced at meditation can often meditate almost anywhere. If they begin feeling out of control or stressed they can go to their special place in their mind and escape for a few minutes. This little escape can provide everything they need to feel refreshed again.

For people new to meditation the task may be a little more difficult. They may require solitude and quietness. But in time they will also be able to escape into the place that allows them to connect their mind, body, and spirit. All of us need time for ourselves, time to unwind, time to let our minds, body and spirit connect. Meditation provides the perfect avenue for that.

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