Magnet Therapy For Battling Stress

We may be familiar with the use magnet therapy for relieving pain, especially by those who suffer from osteoarthritis. Surprisingly, magnet therapy could also be used to relieve or reduce stress.

In a fast paced life, which is very common nowadays, stress is inevitable. Unmanaged, stress could affect our work, social relationships and even our health.

1. Magnet Therapy

In ancient civilizations like those of found in China, Egypt, India and Greece, magnets are already used to heal different forms of illnesses. When thinking about magnet therapy, magnets used are different from those we have on our refrigerator doors. Household magnets, like those in fridge, only have 10 gauss (used in measuring magnet power).

What we use in magnet healing is magnets with 400 to 1000 gauss. We need to use stronger magnets since it is important to reach organs and different elements like boron, cobalt and samarium.

With magnetic healing, the magnets are in close contact with the problem area. Injuries, pain and inflammation can be a cause of electromagnetic induction.

The intention is to regularize or return the body to its balanced condition.

Aside from using a tape or bandage to keep the magnet in place, there are also magnetic products which can be used daily, like shoe insoles, head inserts, mattress, and magnetic jewelries like bracelet, necklaces, rings, and earrings.

There are also therapists who would use hand-held magnets and move them around the body or specific areas that need treatment.

2. Stress

There are different causes of stress: major causes could be financial troubles, work related issues, family, relationships woes, and death.

But whatever the reason is, stress effects could be serious without management.

There are different studies showing that stress could weaken your immune system, high blood pressure, anxiety, heart diseases and even in some cases, cancer.

Alternative methods like magnet therapy are among the popular choices for reducing stress. Aside from little or no side effects, there are different studies showing that natural healing actually reap results.

An example would be the use of four magnets on the back. Just place the magnets on the points below the shoulder blade and one to two inches to the side from the spine line.

How effective are these methods?

There are studies conducted in National Institute of Mental Health along with national Institute of Neurological Disorders and stroke and National Institute for Health on how repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) was able to improve the mood of several patients.

In fact, there is a middle-aged patient who reported an improvement in her disposition, something she has not experienced for the last three years.

Stress is not the only thing that magnet therapy can manage or address.

There are several anecdotal reports sharing that Tibetan monks use magnets to relieve depression.

To support these reports, there are studies conducted at the Menninger Clinic.

What makes magnet therapy an ideal cure, according to proponents and those who use it, is that it is natural. It does not compromise the body in the long run.

However, magnetic products encourage those who would use it for the first time to consult their physician first.

In addition, magnet therapy tries not only to treat the symptoms of the disease, but the root cause of the problem.

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