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These days, magnet therapy or using magnets to heal pain is becoming popular with the public at large. In the medical profession, doctors have been skeptical about the magnets having any therapeutic value.

Supporters of use of Magnets in therapy claim that the body’s circulation is enhanced due to the presence of iron in the blood and thereby increasing blood flow. The last two claims declare that magnets have a positive effect on the pH balance of the cells as well as influencing hormone production.

The claim that magnets can heal have not been scientifically proven since. However, there are theories that magnets (they call them “biomagnets”) do not necessarily heal but it can stimulate the body to heal naturally.

There are other claims of what biomagnets can do from proponents of magnet therapy. These include restoration of cellular magnetic balance, and the so-called acceleration of the migration of calcium ions of ions to help heal bones and nerve tissues.

Magnet polarity

One of the most obvious characteristics of a magnet is its polarity, the south (positive) and the north (negative) poles. The Chinese also associate the poles with their traditional yin and yang, where the north pole is the yin and the south pole is the yang.

Accordingly, the north pole (negative yin) is traditionally attributed as cooling and sedating and is associated to heal low back pain, arthritis, inflammation, headaches, and sharp pains.

The south pole with its stimulating and heating characteristics is the positive yang. It is associated with healing such afflictions as tingling, numbness, weak muscles, paralysis and scars.


Some bodies seemed to lack positive and negative energies to heal. In such cases, the therapist applies both the north and south poles together (bipolar). This is mostly used to heal fractures and chronic pain.

Usually, the type of ailment determines the type and strength of the biomagnets used in the treatment. Also considered are the following conditions: the length of time the patient had the illness, the severity, the area of the body and the patient’s sensitivity.

Sensitivity to magnet therapy sometimes causes light-headedness, sleepiness, headaches and itching. Sometimes, the conditions get worse as toxins are released.

Brief History Review On Magnet Therapy

Past and present therapy

Various old cultures have been known to have used magnets for pain relief and other symptoms. Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and the Chinese have been known to have used magnets for treatments of various illnesses.

In those times, however, the right sizes and weights of magnets that can produce noticeable effects are rare. At the end of the 20th century, smaller and stronger magnetic materials became available. This led to the development of modern-day magnetic therapy products.

The system is simply to apply magnetic fields to the affected body parts to produce its therapeutic effects.

The treatment had been recommended for relief of joint and muscle pains, inflammation and stiffness. It had also been shown to help speed up healing and relief of sinus pains.People also chose magnetic therapy as an alternative form of treatment for arthritis and sports injuries.

From testimonials of former patients, it even improves the quality of sleep. It also has one obvious benefit. Magnet therapy is effective minus the side effects associated with pharmaceutical drugs.

There had been evidence that suggests that magnet therapy can help relieve pain, reduce inflammation, restore natural energy, increase blood circulation, and prevent infection and promote natural metabolic processes to help support the healing process.

From the proponents of magnet therapy, the claim is that it is a non-invasive treatment method with a high success rate.

There may have been a revival of sorts regarding the role of magnets in a person’s health and well-being, but this association goes a long way into the past.

For over 2,000 years, magnet therapy in China had occupied a central role in Chinese medicine. It had also been mentioned in the earliest writings in Egypt, India and Greece.

How it works

For the layman, magnet therapy works on the natural energy of magnetism and its relations to a person’s overall health. A magnetic field provides a natural method in helping the body’s normal healing processes.

Studies had shown that magnets had been an effective therapy for pain relief through the method of blocking pain sensations. Applying magnetic fields to an injured area improves blood flow and oxygen which in turn enhances the body’s natural healing process.

It is believed that magnets have magnetic fields that attracts and repel charged particles in the blood. This creates movement and heat. In turn, the blood vessels widen and helps accelerate the healing process.

First, the body produces small electromagnetic fields by the movement of charged particles called ions. Resulting from the movement of these ions, our physical and mental processes are controlled, and the electromagnetic balance of our bodies is maintained.

The imbalance is demonstrated in times when we are injured. The electromagnetic field is put out of balance and pain and swelling are the result.

When magnetic therapy is applied on the injured area, both the capillary walls surrounding the muscles and the connective tissues relax. This action increases the flow of blood.

The process allows more blood to pass through the capillaries and improves the blood flow. This natural movement takes away the toxins in the system and brings in nutrient-rich blood to the injured area.

More oxygen and nutrients are then carried over to the affected area that results in the restoration of the normal ion concentration. This, in turn, relieves the pain and the swelling, and at the same time, promotes faster healing.

With the improved blood flow and the fluid exchange to the injured tissue helps reduce pain, discomfort and inflammation. This field is also thought to stimulate the nervous system.

Clinical trials

There were some clinical trials in the U.S. reporting on some successes on their results. In 1997, the Baylor College of Medicine published a study where 76% of treated patients using permanent magnets had reported a decrease in arthritic joint and muscle pains compared to the 19% placebo patients.

The New York Medical College also released a study showing a significant reduction rate of foot pain in millions of diabetic patients. Employing magnetic insoles in their shoes, nine out of ten diabetics reported a decrease in painful burning sensations, numbness, and tingling.

For a long time, the medical community and the practitioners (and users) of magnet therapy had been at odds on the many aspects of this particular alternative therapy. Some consensus had been arrived at in the past, but only on minor points.

The major point is the medical community’s flat-out non-recognition of the medical efficacy of magnet therapy. The story continues.

In Japan and other Asian countries, therapeutic magnets are licensed as medical devices. There is growing popularity in the use of magnet therapy in such countries as Australia, Russia, Germany and many other European countries.

Lately, western medicine had used magnetic energy for diagnosis with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and as an alternative method of accelerating the healing of bone fractures.

Magnetic therapy is increasingly popular among progressive health care practitioners, veterinarians, professional athletes and the general population as well.

With the spiraling cost of traditional health care and the continual aging of the general population, magnetic therapy had been included by many as among the options in relation to health. For reasons of effectiveness and economy as well as simplicity, magnet therapy might be well on its way of becoming an important part of alternative therapy in the future.

What are the Types Of Magnets used?

Magnet strength

To be therapeutically effective, a magnet therapy product must have a strong enough magnetic field to penetrate much deeper than the injured area.

Manufacturers of magnets provide gauss ratings of their products. The gauss rating is the maximum amount of magnetic energy that a magnet can hold at its core.

Thicker magnets with a large diameter produce a stronger, deeper penetrating magnetic field than a smaller and thinner magnet with the same gauss rating. The overall strength (and effectiveness) of a magnet is determined by its gauss rating, its thickness, diameter and spacing.

Biomagnets are measured in terms of gauss, the line of force pr unit area of the pole. (The earth’s surface is about 0.5 gauss.) Magnet therapy experts begin their therapy at low gauss and increase the strength gradually.

If you decide to use magnet therapy, you have to choose first the many different types of magnets and magnetic devices available today.

There are many theories regarding the sizes and types of magnets, how to use them, and where to apply them depending on the conditions and factors of being treated.

Unipolar magnets

Unipolar magnets have been known to have greater depth of magnetic penetration. Because of this, users feel they are more effective in treating deeper tissues.

For low back pains, the unipolar type is said to be more appropriate because low back pains come from the deep tissues at the back.

Bipolar magnets

On the other hand, the bipolar magnets are considered more effective in stimulating surface tissues. The two-pole configuration is deemed better to treat injuries like wrist sprains.

Additionally, some practitioners believe that the north side of the magnet calms a person while the south end stimulates. From a scientific view, however, there seems to be no differences between the two poles as to their effects on body tissues.

Risk Factors:

The World Health Organization itself had deemed that magnet therapy is safe. In addition, it had been determined that the therapy has no known risks. Also, there were no traces of side effects in all the magnet therapy treatments that were tested.

The following conditions are found to react favorably to magnet therapy treatments. There were noted reductions of pain and other discomforts in cases of arthritis, post-operations headaches (migraine) and pre-operations insomnia.

It was also found to provide pain relief in sports-related foot injuries, fibromyalgia and relief in sinus problems.


As usual, medical experts strictly prohibits the use of magnet therapy on people who are wearing pacemakers, defibrillator, insulin pump, other electronic medical device or some other metal implants.

Biomagnets are prohibited for use on pregnant women, patients with epileptic histories, taking some blood-thinning medications or if there is some internal bleeding.

Care should also be taken in the use of magnets on infants and children as well as the use on the eyes, brain or over the heart for all ages.

Do’s and Don’ts of using magnetic therapy:

The therapy is ideally performed in the mornings. It is not recommended that you undergo magnetic therapy just after you ate a meal. It is possible that you feel some nausea if you do so. But some would suggest that you eat or drink hot foods and hot liquids before your treatment.

The hot food and liquid will keep the body warm during the magnetic treatment. If you do need to take meals, do the therapy at least after two hours of eating a full meal.

Very strong magnets should not be used in sensitive areas. The brain, heart and eyes are areas that you should avoid applying strong magnets to. Ceramic magnets would be ideal for these areas.

Use the correct poles for each kind of treatment. Magnets have north and south poles pretty much like the earth. The north pole is the magnetically negative side of the magnet and the south pole is magnetically positive one.

Each pole affects the body differently. It has been found out that the negative north pole charge stops the development of growth and infection while the positive south pole assists in tissue growth.

With this in mind, it is recommended that you use the negative charge north pole of magnets to fight infections such as the common cold and use on inflammations. The north pole magnets are also ideal for use to correct spine injuries or help relieve back pains, headaches and even joint pains.

For tissue healing like burns, the north pole magnet has proven to be effective as well. However, you should avoid using north pole magnets on pregnant women and to treat muscle weakness.

You will need the magnet’s south pole for that. South pole magnets are pretty helpful in fixing prostate problems and addressing infertility issues.

When to use Magnet Therapy:

The magnets in magnet therapy have been recognized by many to have the healing powers to relieve physical pain and alleviate the symptoms of many common ailments.

To date, these ailments include arthritis, Fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, back pains, sciatica and general muscle aches and pains.

Other diseases that magnet therapy is also known to give relief are diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and hardened arteries. It also promotes sound sleep, calms the nerves, and assists the relief of drug addiction.

In laymen’s terms, magnet therapy is an alternative non-medical method of treating discomforts brought about by injuries and other medical causes. It is a complementary way to also enhance the body’s natural healing power.

These days, there is already a heightened awareness of magnets and its power to eliminate discomfort and pain, as well as speeding up the healing process of wounds.Consumer testimonials also helped disseminate the information.

How To Use Magnets In Magnet Therapy

For thousands of years, people had been using magnets as an alternative to heal and ease the pains that accompany these diseases. All those years, the use of magnets has been handed down orally from old traditions. There were no clear instructions on many things.

These days, experts on magnet therapy had compiled some guidelines on how to use magnets correctly.

Magnetic poles

Magnets have dual poles, the south and the north-pointing ends. The simple rule is that the north-pointing pole gives energy, while the south-pointing pole takes in energy. These facts have to be put into the context of the various illnesses.

An inflammation or a tight muscle or pain is considered a congestion of energy. The south pole point of the magnet can withdraw that energy out.

On the other hand, an overly relaxed muscle needs more energy, thus needing the use of the north-pointing end of the magnet.

Put the magnet directly over the pain area. Adhesive bandages can fix the magnets in place. If they do not work the first few days, reposition the magnet over the nearest acupuncture point. (See the Internet or acupuncture books where they are.)

If repositioning the magnet fails to bring relief within a month, odds are they are not going to work. Magnet therapy sometimes fails to contain the pain. Its causes might be different from ordinary ones.

Positioning the magnet is very important in this kind of therapy to achieve notable results. Ideally the magnets should be placed directly on the area where pain is observed to occur.

Take for instance magnetic soles. These magnets are designed to relieve pain on your legs and feet after standing or walking for hours at end. Wearing a bracelet obviously will not solve your feet problem.

Arthritic pain on the fingers requires placing the magnets on the joints. A magnetic wrist band might work here as well but a bracelet might contain a magnet that is too weak to even see considerable results.

The same way can be said for alleviating back pains using magnetic therapy. Placing magnets on the two sides of the spine would help solve your back pain problem.

Similarly, attaching a pair of magnets on your temple or at the back of your head will help keep that headache at bay.

The magnet’s South and North poles have different applications as well. One thing you should remember is that the magnet’s north pole is magnetically negative while the south is magnetically positive.

You should use the north pole for body infections, alleviate pains from menstrual cycles, inflammations, for cold and accompanying symptoms and for scar tissue healing. The south pole, on the other hand, is best used for muscle strengthening, prostate problems, congestions and when one is pregnant.

Guiding your magnets to the right positions in magnetic therapy is just as vital as using the correct magnets themselves. If you have the right magnet with the right strength and polarity, placing them or using the poles the wrong way and everything is just a waste of time and effort.

Drooping shoulders

In cases of drooping shoulders (one side is dropped and the other is raised), magnets can do the right corrections.

The lowered end of the shoulders needs the strengthening north-pointing pole. The end that is raised should be applied with a south-pointing end of the magnet to correct the imbalance.

Gall bladder

In gall bladder problems, the left leg is usually pulled into the hip socket by tight muscles. The south-pointing pole applied to the hip can correct it.

While the magnet is in place, gently pull the “shortened” leg at the ankle until both ankles are of the same length. (The same can be done on the right leg if there is an imbalance.)


On tumors, use a strong south-pointing pole over the diseased area for about two hours everyday, two to three times daily. Hold the magnet under running water for some time right after each use.

If there is pain, have the magnet stay in place as long as it is required, sometimes for days on end.

Wounds and broken bones

Fresh wounds heal better with the south-pointing pole. In later applications, use both poles alternately. Near the end of the process, use the north-pointing pole.

Use the north-pointing end of the magnet applied above the fractures of broken bones towards the torso. A south-pointing pole may be applied opposite the north pole and below the fracture.

Headaches and stomach pains

For headaches, use the south-pointing pole on the center of the pain. However, for clearing up the head, attach the south-pointing pole to the forehead and the north-pointing pole to the base of the skull. (This can improve psychic awareness, too.)

Apply the north-pointing pole over the pit of the stomach to strengthen digestion. For pain, use the south-pointing pole.

Weak hearts and blood pressures

Carry a small magnet on the left pocket with the north-pointing pole near the breastbone. (If there is pain, use the south-pointing pole.) Check your pulse to see which pole is suited.

Apply the south-pointing pole to the right side of the neck to lower your blood pressure. To raise it, apply the north-pointing pole to the same area.

Check with your local magnet healer to know the other correct methods on the use of either magnet poles in different illnesses. Include the right sizes, the right strengths and other details on magnet therapy.

Reducing stress

A magnetic field applied to the head calms and induces a hypnotic sleeping effect on the brain. The key is the stimulation of the hormone melatonin.

This had led to the manufacture of magnetic pillows and pads designed for a sound sleep.

Enhancing energy

Magnet therapy is also known for increasing the well-being of patients by enhancing energy. During natural sleep, the body revitalizes itself. This natural process can be enhanced by magnets.

Diabetic neuropathy

At the New York Medical College of Valhalla, magnetic foot pads, more than the nonmagnetic ones, were found effective in relieving numbness and pain associated with this diabetes-related problem.

From the evidence, researchers suggest roughly 80% of chronic pain sufferers could benefit from magnet therapy.

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS)

Magnets are placed on the front and back of the wrist to help alleviate the pain of this hard-to-heal condition. At the moment, the symptoms can only be controlled with the help of magnets, but the condition is hard to cure.


One way is the placement of magnetic strips along the forearm and sleeping on a magnetic pad at night.


One needs to sleep on a magnetic mattress pad and use a magnetic pillow. Magnets can also be placed over painful areas of the body during the day.

In other studies, magnets were also found effective against fibromyalgia. Researchers at Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston discovered that magnets help relieve muscle pain caused by this mysterious condition.

In the same study, it was found that patients who slept on magnetic mattresses had greater pain relief than those who slept on ordinary mattresses.

Leg problems

Magnetic insoles help increase the circulation and improve the conditions of numbness, burning, aches, and leg cramps. One should also sleep on a magnetic mattress. (This is also great for diabetes.)

Muscle / joint pains

These types need local applications on the area itself. Wear the magnet for several hours and then take a break. One way is wearing it all day and taking it off during the night.

These are just some of the many ailments magnet therapy had been able to treat. Consult your local magnet therapy practitioner on the other uses of magnets on your particular ailment.

Pain relief

Researchers at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston found magnets effective at blocking pains caused by post-polio syndrome. The syndrome is marked by leg pains and affects up to 20% of polio patients later in life.

In the study, 76% of the patients who were treated with a magnet had pain relief. Only 18% of those who were treated with fake magnets got relief.

With magnets held against the skin, the capillary walls become relax which boost the blood flow to the painful area. The magnets also help in preventing muscle spasms that cause many forms of pain by interfering muscle contractions.

Also, the magnets interfere the electrochemical reactions in the nerve cells and prevent their ability to transmit pain messages to the brain.

(Although pain can be controlled with aspirin and other painkillers, magnets do not have the side effects of these drugs.)

Some painkilling techniques

Foot pain and other aches caused by standing all day can be relieved by having magnetic insoles in your shoes. For arthritis with pains limited to the fingers, a neo magnet can be taped to the affected joint. Or, you can wear a magnetic wrist band.

For back pains, have four magnets about one and a half inches on either side of the spine, two on each side. If the magnets are cumbersome to put on and remove, have a three to four-inch ceramic strip magnet or magnetic back brace on your back instead.

Headaches can be solved with tape magnets to your temples or to the back of your head (just above the neck). Or, use a magnetic headband. Use a magnetic band around the painful elbows. The same band can relieve the pain on the hand and arms.

Self help Diet change strategies:

Improving your nutrition and healthy diet will support your alternative medicine and alternative remedy therapy.

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Vitamin & Nutrient Associations

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You may find benefit from our information on detoxification as well as a bit about detoxing because of change of diet

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