Finding the Truth in Magnet Therapy

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In its simplest sense magnet therapy uses magnets to relieve the body of pain and cure for a variety of diseases. It is an alternative form of treatment that is more popular in China, India, Japan and in some countries in Europe.

Practitioners claim that the therapy has been around for quite some time now with the early Egyptians as one of the very first who used magnets in practical applications. Most of the people today who seek medical attention shy away from invasive procedures like operations.

This is why alternative treatments like the use of magnets are becoming more and more popular.

Basically what the magnet does is realign or correct the electromagnetic impulses of the body which had been put into disarray the moment the body gets sick. As the theory of magnotherapy goes, each individual cell of the body generates this electromagnetic field.

By applying magnets on the surface of the affected area, the magnetic field relaxes the capillary walls of the body’s cells resulting to increase blood flow to that part of the body and at the same time prevents the flow of liquids outside the cells which help control the pain. Some also claims that the same magnetic field disrupts muscle contractions preventing muscle spasms to occur.

The magnets also seem to block or the very least interfere the flow of sodium and calcium inside the body’s cells. These two elements are responsible for sending pain signals to the brain. By blocking their movements, the magnets are stopping the cells to tell your brain that you are in pain.

Usually, the magnets used in magnotherapy are thin metal magnets strategically placed on the body. They are placed often times in groups and with fixed spacing. The size of the magnet is essential because you want something that is not that noticeable and can be worn comfortably on a daily basis.

Using magnets that are more than 1/8" thick is already quite a bother to wear. As a general rule, the more magnets used the stronger the effect and the better the results. But be sure to use magnets that are pretty good and strong enough to pass though 4 to 5 inches of human tissue and bones.

Also make certain that when arranging the magnets they should maintain a minimum distance of ¼ inch from each other. This arrangement maximizes the electromagnetic field generated by each magnet.

Just as the quantity of magnets matters, the strength is very important as well. And finally, for added comfort it would be best to have a piece of cloth or fabric that is wrapped a round the area where you will be placing the magnet onto.

There are still a lot to be learned about magnet therapy. Its application to practical medicine still receives frowns and smirks from some members of the medical community. But today more and more studies are pointing to the positive effects of magnotherapy in alleviating pain and treating different medical conditions.

As more details are obtained from researches, people will get a more thorough understanding of the possible effects of magnets on the human body.

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