Correct Use Of Magnets In Magnet Therapy

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In magnet therapy, magnets are the primary tools in healing. As such, it is necessary to know the attributes of a magnet before proceeding to use it. One important characteristic of a magnet is the existence of two opposing poles.

It is logical to think, then, that it is very essential to identify the poles correctly. Suspending the magnet on a thread and waiting for its ends to point somewhere is the easiest way to identify the poles. (The north-pointing end is the North Pole and the opposite should be the South Pole.)

Characteristics of magnets

Flat ceramic or neodymium magnets are the best therapeutic magnets. (U-shaped magnets are not very good for therapy. (Short, cylindrical or bar magnets can be used.)

The north-pointing pole has strengthening, stimulating qualities and overall, it gives energy. It can be used to improve weak organs of the body.

The south-pointing pole withdraws energy. It can sedate people and make them relax. It is used for pain relief, reduce unwanted growths, soothe inflammations and arrest infections.

Lengths of use

The magnets need not be handled directly or touch the skin. It can be inside a bag, inside some wraps with the right poles facing the body.

Strong magnets (those that can lift a kilo or more) may be used for one hour daily. Small or weak magnets may be left in place all day.

Serious infections

For serious infections, strong pain or cancerous tumors, even powerful magnets can remain in the body as long as they seem to be beneficial.

If the magnet is used for long, and there is a feeling of being drained or plain discomfort, remove the magnet right away. (You can possibly apply the opposite pole for sometime.)

Never use strong magnets on the eyes, the brain or heart. Attach or remove strong magnets slowly.

Strong magnets

For sufferers of brain tumors, it is beneficial to sleep with the south-pointing pole of a strong magnet close to the top of the head, especially when they are elderly or with deteriorating brain functions.

(One should sleep with the head toward the magnetic north in a bed that is not made of anything that can be magnetized.)

If you feel pain or there are signs of inflammation in an organ, use the south-pointing pole. If there is an obvious weakness, use the north-pointing pole. Experiment what is the most beneficial pole by using it for sometime and then comparing the results.

Correct pole

Typically, the south-pointing pole is placed on a painful, inflamed or infected part of the body. The north-pointing pole, on the other hand, is used if the body area is weak.

However, this weakness may be caused by a chronic infection or inflammation. It can still improve with the south-pointing pole. In general, south-pointing pole is less harmful if applied incorrectly.

Some people do not feel the magnet energy, while others are hypersensitive. Use only a weak magnet in this case for a short exposure. Magnet therapy can be more effective if you follow the natural flow of your materials.

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