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It is often said that the first impression is made in the first three seconds upon meeting a person. Sometimes, initial impressions are difficult to change, especially if that person has made a negative impact.

Because that person is a virtual stranger, you don’t worry about the underlying causes for their dour disposition. You just let things slide and go about not liking them.

But what if you were that person who does not impress people at first sight? What impression do you want to create when you meet people for the first time?

In a three second glance, your face speaks volumes. It tells others your age, health, and overall confidence.

When you are insecure about something, the others can immediately tell. The nonverbal signs will be here: head tilted down, a frown on your face, or eyes cast downward.

You will not be happy about the impression you will be making.

There are several things that can make you insecure about how you look: your weight, the wrinkles on your face, the scars from pimples you’ve had when you were younger, and so many other reasons.

Your face will age, depending on how you feel deep inside. The older you’ll feel, the more you’ll look it. So how exactly do you fix this problem?

One option would be laser skin resurfacing. This could be a way to turn back time and change the people’s initial impression of you.

It would be better to encounter new faces if you feel younger, healthier, and more revitalized.

Laser skin resurfacing is one of the more popular treatments available today. The reason behind its increasing popularity is that more women are eschewing traditional plastic surgery for something less invasive and a lot more affordable.

Traditional plastic surgeries require longer recovery periods. Laser procedures, on the other hand, generally just take an hour and a half tops to complete.

While there may be minor discomfort after the procedure, the after effects don’t inflict as much trauma on your skin.

Besides being cheaper and less invasive, laser skin resurfacing also has a number of benefits over procedures that require chemical peeling. Lasers are just gentler because it only penetrates the outer skin layers.

Once it is able to work on the skin’s top layer, it uncovers the skin below that remains unaffected by wrinkles and imperfections. This is when the healing begins.

You will definitely see fewer wrinkles and fine lines. What you’ll see in the mirror is the glowing skin of someone unmarred by the years.

Before you do decide, you have to consider it as an investment in yourself. This can permanently change to your appearance and your general outlook because you will look 10 to 20 years younger.

Making a great first impression can now be easy! Laser resurfacing, when done with a respectable dermatologist, is safe and almost painless. In most cases, the side effects, if there are any, last no longer than ten days.

In the hands of a very experienced surgeon, people with skin imperfections can greatly benefit from the popular procedure. Ask your doctor about the details and weigh the pros and cons for a person your skin type.

Remember, the results vary because each person is unique.

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