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Sleep apnea, or snoring, is a common affliction caused by the narrowing or partial collapse of the breathing passage during the relaxed muscle phase of sleep. When the affected person sleeps on their back, gravity can cause the soft tissues of the throat to constrict and create short periods of breathlessness followed by loud eruptions of sound. There have been, however, many techniques developed to show how to stop snoring.

For those who do not wish to seek a medical or medicinal process to help them stop snoring, there are several breathing techniques that can be learned including yoga.

Obtaining a wedge shaped anti snoring pillow will keep the head and shoulders at a 30% angle and relieve the gravitational pressure on the throat. Some find that a ball-like device worn on the back will prevent them from rolling over in their sleep so that a lateral sleeping position is maintained. Losing excess weight will also decrease the instance of snoring as will cessation of smoking cigarettes.

There are several varieties of a device that can be inserted in the mouth that provides a clearer path through the throat by pulling the tongue forward. Other external appliances are used on the nose to help pull the air passages into the sinuses open more for increased airflow.

The Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine is a device that sits beside the bed and pours a continuous stream of air into a mask that is worn by the sleeper as a means of forcing a greater air pressure into the face and thus greater intake to expand the throat passage.

Other factors that can assist in ceasing snoring include:

- not eating or drinking dairy products as these cause a build up of mucus
- following a regular sleeping routine
- not eating 2 to 3 hours before sleeping
- eating small meals rather than large ones, especially at dinner
- inhaling steam with a humidifier in the room
- stop smoking
- lose weight
- sleep on your side instead of on your back
- avoid sugar heavy foods

Most other methods used to help you stop snoring are surgical in nature and often lead to greater problems than the original situation. However, some incidences of sleep apnea mask greater physical problems so if snoring persists despite using non invasive tactics then it is highly recommended to seek professional medical for a deeper evaluation.

These are some of the help with snoring tips using natural cures that help many to stop snoring. If you should find yourself facing the same problem after trying these remedies, seek the help of your physician and work with him/her to overcome this nagging problem.

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Whichever of the help with snorring cures or product to stop snoring that you choose, always remember that snoring can be eliminated in the vast majority of people without having to resort to any kind of surgery.


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