Your Health Online | How Good Posture Benefits You When You Age

Some people do not sit and stand correctly. In the end, they suffer from aches and pains all over their body.

One specific area that suffers is your neck. Primarily, neck pain comes from pressure on the nerve that is usually a result of a misaligned spine.

Today, we see more people suffering from a misaligned neck posture. Why is it more rampant today that it was years back?

One of the reasons is that more people are on computers for long hours. Many jobs now require you to be on a computer the whole day.

Even those without desk jobs are on their computer for hours on end. Teenagers are also getting into computer games, and most of them are logged on as they compete with each other online.

As a result, many of them will feel the repercussions as they get older.

Driving is also another major cause. When driving, the majority of the people?s heads drift forward.

Some are affected worse than others. Other examples include: poor sleeping habits, holding a phone on your shoulder for long periods, or reading with your head down.

Here's how to improve your neck posture so that you don?t suffer any pain as you get older:

1. Postural exercises for the neck
2. Eliminating bad posture as much as possible
3. A good support neck pillow for sleeping.

All these combined help correct and maintain the proper alignment of the spine. Your spine is ergonomically built to withstand pressure.

It is at its strongest position with proper alignment. Not only because it is the most beneficial for strength, it will also do you good as you age.

So what are the most helpful exercises? Head retractions are ideal.

All you need to do is pretend that your head is on a sliding track and pull your head back keeping it level. For example, sit fully back against a wall and pull your head straight back without tilting or extending.

Also eliminate forward head posture when you can. You feel the strain in the muscles at the back of your neck when you tilt forward. Read with books propped up against something and take periodic breaks. Sit up straighter and keep your chin up.

At night, you also need to find ways to protect yourself from poor posture. Not only will this help ease muscle pains when you wake up, you can also sleep better.

Use a good support pillow to correct neck posture while sleeping comfortably. Stay away from sleeping on your tummy because you are forced your head to tilt extremely to the side just so you can breathe properly.

Remember, we are all headed to that age where we are bound to feel aches and pains on a daily basis. What you do when you are young helps a lot in alleviating and avoiding these things.

When you work on your posture early on in life, you can be just as healthy and active when you grow old. You can still walk, run, and sit just as easily as you did years before.

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