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Drinking alcohol may not be a daily activity for many of us, but the fact is that most people do enjoy a drink now and then. And even if you aren’t a regular consumer of alcohol, you probably have a friend or loved one that is.

Learning more about how alcohol affects the various internal organs will provide some insight about the dangers of drinking.

It’s no secret that alcohol has a number of short term effects, which most obviously includes slurred speech, diminished balance, impaired judgment, heightened emotional state, dizziness, loss of coordination and slowed reactions.

In extreme cases alcohol consumption can result in confusion, nausea and vomiting, or even loss of consciousness.

When individuals consume alcohol in large quantities over a long period of time the negative consequences can result in numerous complications. To begin, one runs the risk of becoming addicted to the substance. Alcoholism can be a devastating disease that affects all areas of one’s life.

Besides financial complications, many alcoholics lose friends and find that many relationships in their lives are troubled. The end result is often that the individual loses many things that are important to him/her.

While those things can be devastating the loss of one’s health can be even worse. Sadly, long-term alcohol use can result in elevated blood pressure, heart and cardiovascular disease, liver disease, chronic pancreatitis, cancer, damage to the nervous system and mental health issues.

Alcohol consumption can decrease the stomach’s ability to produce the natural digestive fluid needed which aids in the body’s ability to absorb and digest food appropriately. This can result in numerous digestive problems.

Drinking during a pregnancy can lead to fetal alcohol syndrome in the baby. This condition can result in brain damage or even physical deformities in the child.

Drinking socially or on occasion is usually very safe. It is when one consumes large quantities of alcohol in a short amount of time or when alcohol is consumed regularly over a long period of time that problems are more likely to develop.

One of the most devastating short term consequences is often related to driving after the consumption of alcohol. The dangers involved are obvious. Not only does the drinker put himself at risk, but the fact is that the vehicle the individual is driving becomes a lethal weapon waiting for a target.

Responsible drinking however can add to the pleasure and fun of a social activity and when done in moderation, drinking is not considered harmful.

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