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For many people there are nutritional answers to improving circulation and general health to keep hair healthy and strong. Despite this though, it’s an inevitable fact that some men and women will lose their hair as they get older. Though this is more common among men, a few females have also been known to suffer.

This is a big deal for some, and as much as they slather on medicine on their thinning scalp, they don’t see any improvement. The only alternative would be to get a hair transplant.

If you know that you’re on your way to getting bald, you can either choose to accept what fate has thrown or do everything you can to maintain that head full of hair.

Lucky for you, this is no longer a losing battle. You can actually find something that works, but there is a catch: it’s going to cost you.

Hair transplants, as effective as they are, aren’t cheap. However, if you’ve set your mind to it, you can save up and go to a reputable doctor.

The procedure has had high success rates, and this means that you can once more be your beautiful, bushy self with enough time spent at the clinic. Say goodbye to caps and comb-overs and feel good about yourself.

As much as going bald is okay, some people just can’t accept this option.

So, how does a hair transplant work? It starts by taking strands of hair from behind or the corners of your scalp.

Then, these are “planted” in areas where hair is thinning or disappearing. The premise behind this method is to have new hair growing in places where it is scarce.

Hair loss can finally be a thing of the past as long as you get the help you need. But before anything else, you have to find the cause to your hair loss?

If it’s stress-related, there are medicines for it. If, however, genetics is the main culprit, then the transplant is your best bet.

You can choose from a variety of transplant procedures. First is the follicular unit micrografting.

This is the most popular type. It involves removing donor strips from the other areas of your scalp. These are then grafted into place after the area where the strip has been removed is securely sutured together.

The hair pieces are cut under a microscope and divided into units of up to three hairs each. These are then implanted carefully to make them look as natural as possible.
The session lasts as long as seven hours where many as 4,500 units are implanted while you are under a local anesthetic.

The second type is called the follicular unit extraction. This is a relatively new technique where there are no donor strips involved. Instead, as much as 3,000 units are carefully extracted in a span of several days before they are implanted.

This is ideal for those who don’t want visible scars on their heads. Lastly, there’s the newest one yet called the laser hair transplant.

There are still ongoing debates concerning its safety, and therefore, the best option would still be the second type where it could also cost you more. There are ongoing studies right now and you can take comfort in the fact that future treatments will be available for you soon.

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