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We all know that blood flows to the rest of our body through the heart. When the heart produces blood, it pushes against the walls of the arteries and the blood vessels. The pressure with which the blood is pushed is called Blood Pressure.

When the health of a person is to be decided, Blood Pressure is one of the deciding factors, thus it is important that the body’ proper Blood Pressure is maintained.

The blood pressure varies across different parts of the body and hence only some parts of the body can provide an accurate true blood pressure of the body. For example, blood pressure will be stronger in areas closer to the heart than it is in the extremities.

Blood pressure also varies during different times of the day and according to other factors. Stress, anxiety, exercise causes the heart to pump the blood with more force whereas; during inertia the body will record less pressure.

One can get their Blood Pressure checked by a Medical Practitioner or it can also be checked at home. In most cases, when an individual is experiencing problems with extreme blood pressure levels, they are encouraged to monitor their blood pressure on a regular basis at home.

This is because a visit to the doctor can cause temporary anxiety, which in turn can give a wrong reading, and also, the patient can check readings at various intervals to help determine the causes of extreme readings.

On an average, a healthy blood pressure reading should about 120/80. The two numbers denote the pressure of the heart, during crest and fall respectively.

Anything higher than that reading, would be considered a High Blood Pressure and lower than that would account for Low Blood Pressure. Both conditions signify that there is a problem and warrants a check up.

High Blood pressure can trigger lethal strokes or heart attacks. Low blood pressure is marginally less dangerous than its counterpart and is usually a cause of concern if symptoms like dizziness, fainting or weakness are observed.

For anyone who suffers from High Blood Pressure, a regular check on the following can help to bring it down. Most importantly patients are encouraged to give up any nicotine addictions, eat right and exercise regularly.

Walking, climbing up the stairs, and swimming are good substitutes of a Gymnasium. Checking ones’ weight and diet are as important as managing the stress levels.

The treatment for low blood pressure is slightly different. One can begin by incorporating more quantities of salt and sugar in the diet.

The fluid intake of the body has to be high and it has been observed that, prolonged exposure to heat can cause dizziness, so it is advisable to stay minimize any time in the sun and/or heat.

People suffering from low blood pressure often experience a sudden light-headedness when they try to stand up. For those people, it helps to get up slowly and even to move the feet around a bit before standing up.

Now that you know what blood pressure is, including what is considered a normal reading and the causes and treatments of its abnormal readings, it is important to take stock and work at leading a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Maintaining a healthy blood pressure helps to insure a long life

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