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Toothaches can be very painful and anyone that has ever suffered with a toothache will agree that it is one of those pains that throbs. This sort of pain is very difficult to still.

It usually gets worse as time goes on. And eating or drinking only serves to intensify the pain. Laying down to relax seems only to allow us more time to focus on the discomfort.

It’s no secret that cavities are major culprits, but so are infections or food particles that get trapped between the teeth and gums. Sometimes toothaches are the result of medical conditions that have little or nothing to do with dental issues. Facial trauma can be another cause of tooth pain.

In most cases a toothache begins with a rather intense pain, but in other cases the pain may start out slowly and then quickly intensify. The throbbing pain will continue and intensify until treatment is provided. And if treatment is postponed, the likelihood increases that the tooth will need to be pulled.

That’s why it is strongly recommended that anyone experiencing a toothache should seek professional dental care. Until one can visit the dentist there are several over the counter medications that can help relieve the pain.

However, it is important to realize that even though the pain can be controlled with these numbing medications and pain relievers, they do not solve the cause of the problem. In most cases only a professional dentist can resolve the matter.

If treatment is sought early on the probability that the tooth can be saved is greatly increased. This may result in a filling, a crown, or even a root canal. If the tooth has become abscessed you will likely be placed on antibiotics until the infection subsides, and then other treatment will be completed.

Toothache prevention begins with proper dental care. The foundation of this care is proper brushing and flossing. The fact is that our teeth need to be brushed regularly if they are to remain free from food particles and other harmful elements that can result in the deterioration of our teeth.

When brushing it is important to insure that every tooth in the mouth is thoroughly brushed. A quality toothpaste will help to insure dental health. Flossing helps to insure that small food particles will not accumulate between the teeth.

As parents it is vitally important to teach our children the importance of proper brushing. By instilling good dental hygiene habits in our children while they are young, they are more likely to continue those habits into later years. This can result in better lifelong dental health.

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