Why some moms give up on breastfeeding

by Tracy Ann Behr

Breastfeeding problems, Breastfeeding help

Breastfeeding problems, Breastfeeding help

Do you feel that you would love to breastfeed, but also feel really inadequate and as if you are doing something wrong? Here are some of the biggest reasons why some moms give up on breastfeeding…

1. Moms think they can’t breastfeed. Many moms feel inadequate. So many moms out there think that they are not capable of breastfeeding; most of them assume that they have a low milk supply.

2. Moms are not educated about breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is natural, but the process of breastfeeding doesn’t always come naturally. You need to educate yourself before you breastfeed…read and read some more! It will really be worth it.

3. Lack of support. You need to surround yourself with individuals who are like minded and that support breastfeeding. Also it is always nice to have someone around who can help with a few things around the house.

4. Moms supplement with formula. The first few weeks are crucial for developing a good milk supply. When you supplement with formula you are taking away that stimulation on the breast that is needed for milk production since milk supply works on a supply demand basis.

5. Mom thinks she can pump her breast milk instead of breastfeeding. Some moms might think they are producing too little and try pumping to see how much is coming out. A breast pump can never extract milk like your baby and should never be used to estimate how much milk you are producing. Also a breast pump can never stimulate your breast like baby and therefore your milk supply will decrease if you replace normal breastfeeding with pumping.

6. Moms feel uncomfortable. Breastfeeding is a learnt skill, as time goes by it becomes easier and easier so don’t expect it to be comfy the first few times. Try all the different breastfeeding positions like holding baby on your side (football hold breastfeeding position) or keep baby in an upright position on your knee (Australian breastfeeding hold)

7. Baby has some sucking problems that go undetected. Your baby might not be latching on properly and this can cause allot of frustration. You should get your baby checked out for things like tongue tie, tongue thrust etc.

8. Mom has terrible nipple pain. In the beginning some nipple sensitivity is normal but if it continues it can sometimes cause mom to stop breastfeeding. Nipple pain is usually connected to a bad latch. Mom should try get her nipple and part of her areola into baby’s mouth so that your nipple is against his soft pallet. A shallow latch is when baby has your nipple on his hard pallet which will definitely cause pain during breastfeeding.

You will need
* Support
* Confidence
* Information
* Determination

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