What Is Considered Normal Blood Pressure Reading?

What’s the normal level of blood pressure? You can buy an automated blood pressure monitor to compare your blood pressure reading to a medical chart. But you should know that normal levels of human blood pressure could vary extensively. That is why you can’t rely on any one blood pressure reading.

In other words, you must take BP monitor readings at different times of the day, so you can determine the average BP levels. In medicine, average BP is known as MAP or Mean Arterial Pressure. The bottom line here is that you need to figure out what the numbers are most of the time.

Normal BP, in general, is anything lower than 120/80. To some medical practitioners, the exact figure is less relevant though. To them, it’s like answering what the length of a piece of cord is. That’s because the BP levels aren’t one-size-fits-all.

Besides that, the concept of what is considered to be normal blood pressure for regular people is now changing! Not too long ago, the normal blood pressure on average was regarded to be 120/80 to 140/90. It was thought that the top number (i.e. systolic pressure), normally ranged between 120 and 140.

Likewise, the base number (i.e. the diastolic pressure) was considered normal if it ranged from 80 to 90. This means that, the 120/80 to 140/90 was considered normal. Among the most important things doctors needed to see was the difference of 40 to 50 points between the top number and base number.

The US Heart Association along with Mayo Clinic now advises that on an average, blood pressure levels should remain under 120/80 around 115/75. You need to understand that these are merely stringent numbers, particularly for those who need to lose some weight and those who need to exercise.

So whatever is regarded normal as blood pressure reading might tend to vary from one person to another as it depends on many factors. Then again, these are merely are averages. It’s the doctor’s recommendation which a patient has to be concerned about and carefully follow instead of relying on widely known statistics and generally accepted averages.

If you really want a clear answer to the question of what is normal blood pressure, we can provide some explanation regarding what actually normal levels of blood pressure mean. We can also suggest different ways to ensure you’re getting readings which reflect your real blood pressure.

Despite the fact that you’ve been told your current blood pressure is normal, it’s really important that you understand how fluctuations in your BP levels can occur and how you can maintain a healthy, safe and normal levels of blood pressure.

For a lot of people, the term "normal" is used to define the BP readings when people are relaxed. And it’s not uncommon to have higher BP readings at the doctor's office if you have 'white coat hypertension'. It occurs due to the anxiety of seeing the blood pressure measured in a clinical environment.

If you want to make sure that you overcome such fears, you should use a home blood pressure monitor to take your own measurements. Then again, the readings taken at home should be compared to the normal levels of blood pressure. You will have to pass these reading on to your GP to get accurate diagnosis

As of late, there are many studies showing that people measuring their BP on a regular basis at home will find their levels of blood pressure to be lower. This, according to most health care experts, is the people's normal blood pressure.

Perfect blood pressure monitors can be purchased online from various medical supply specialists like Medisave. They offer the most recent machines from some of the leading medical equipment manufacturing brands.

So here’s a recap of what we have discussed so far. The normal blood pressure level is around 120/80 or lower. When the blood pressure remains within that range, people consider their blood pressure to be normal.

But to be on the safe side, you should still consider some precautionary steps to keep your blood pressure under control so that you don’t face problems in the future. Have a balanced healthy diet, do a lot of exercise and reduce stress as best as possible.


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