What If I’m Experiencing Breast Cancer Symptoms?

Are you noticing changes in your breast tissue that might be cancer symptoms? Many women experience signs and symptoms of cancer in their breasts. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have cancer.

Signs and symptoms are simply things that occur that could be an indicator of something more serious being wrong. However, symptoms alone aren’t enough to reach a diagnosis of breast cancer.

Many women notice changes in their breast tissue such as lumpiness, dimpling of the skin, and tenderness. Discharge from the nipples or changes in the color and texture of the skin of the nipple and/or areola can also indicate breast cancer.

However, almost all lumps that are found in breast tissue are found to be benign. Benign means that you have a lump that isn’t cancerous and won’t spread to other tissues. Approximately eight out of ten lumps that women find are actually benign.

For the 20% of tumors that do turn out to be cancer, it’s critical that you get early treatment for the best prognosis. With early treatment many breast cancers can be cured and you can stop them from spreading to other parts of the body.

If you’re experiencing breast cancer symptoms, it’s critical that you seek health care immediately. You’ll want to make the first available appointment with your doctor. You can see a general practitioner or a gynecologist. They will be your first stop in early detection.

Your healthcare provider will perform an examination. If he or she agrees that your symptoms are suspect, you may be asked to take more tests. Your doctor will probably prescribe a mammogram to look for thickening of the tissue or for lumps.

You may also be asked to get a sonogram. This is a test that helps to determine the size, shape, and makeup of the lump. A sonogram can frequently tell whether the lump is fluid-filled or a solid mass.

If you have a positive mammogram or sonogram, you’ll need to have a biopsy. This test will help to determine what type of cells is making up the mass. You may also need a CT scan to look for details of the mass.

In addition, you may need a biopsy of your lymph nodes to help detect whether or not cancer has spread from the breast tissue. With all of this information, your healthcare provider will be able to determine if your cancer symptoms really are indicating cancer or you have another condition.

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