What Exactly is High Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure is formally called hypertension. Some people call it the "silent assassin" as it literally sneaks silently and works to damage your organs without warning. When you are least expecting it, it’ll deliver a major blow, which you may not ever recover from! If we approach the question ‘what exactly is high blood pressure’ closely, the picture stands like this…

The blood in the human body travels towards the different organs through blood vessels. The little tubes (blood vessels) happen to be very important, as they virtually form the freeway for blood.

When they become less elastic or damaged, you’ll start having all sorts of problems. It’s like the situation when you drive down a 3-lane expressway only to find that 2 of those lanes are shut down because of construction work.

The blood vessels turn stiff and become narrower. This means the blood in your body goes through a very difficult time finding its way through the super-tight space. It keeps putting additional pressure onto the vessel walls. If left untreated, this pressure can cause problems like unnaturally enlarged heart, mild / major stroke, heart attack, diabetes or severe kidney problems.

The American Heart Association has suggested what normal levels of blood pressure are, so you can readily find out if you are at risk of hypertension. Your blood pressure is measured using the Systolic and Diastolic figures. If you are at risk of high blood pressure, you should take remedial actions fast. There are different types of risk factors for high levels of blood pressure.

Good examples are obesity, exhaustion, unhealthy diet and stress. Some people get high blood pressure because they’re addicted to smoking or using other kinds of tobacco products. Ethnicity has a lot to do with high blood pressure. Did you know that the African Americans have a very high risk of getting high blood pressure?

People who are 55 or over are also at greater risk of high blood pressure. The same can be said about people with family history of hypertension. There are different kinds of polycystic kidney diseases which, in addition to other kinds of kidney disorders, can cause high blood pressure.

In the same way, Cushing’s disease is also among the major culprits. Clinical researchers have found that Coarctation of the aorta is also a risk factor.

Some people get caught in high blood pressure disorders due to the side effects of medications such as antidepressants, cold medicines and oral contraceptives. In the same way, some special types of drugs like cocaine can also cause this type of problem.

High levels of blood pressure have to be handled early and effectively as they could lead to numerous other problems like heart attack, mild or severe stroke and diabetes. As already mentioned, some people end up with heart diseases, kidney disease or even blindness. Among the most critical problems are reduced brain functions.

A lot of people manage to keep going with high blood pressure, without even knowing that they’re at a high risk of heart disease. We hope that you now understand why high blood pressure has been named the "silent killer."

If you are looking for a feasible way to shun those risks, fortunately there are many. The first task at hand would be to measure your blood pressure. Have a veteran healthcare professional who’s got the essential equipment and skill test your current risk levels.

Besides using medications you also need to adopt some healthy habits like healthy diet, exercise, quitting smoking, managing your stress, avoiding alcohol and cutting sodium (e.g. salt) intake. Above all, you need to take medications in line with the prescriptions of the doctor. High levels of blood pressure (hypertension) are oftentimes known as the silent killer due to the lack of vivid symptoms.

Doctors are able to quickly and simply check your blood pressure thanks to the modern day equipment. Have you ever heard about the “white coat syndrome?” It makes your blood pressure hike terribly at the doctor's office.

If this is the case with you, the best way to keep your blood pressure in check would be to buy a home version of a digital blood pressure monitor. These are relatively cheap and are spectacularly accurate. Measure your blood pressure every day.


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