What Causes Tinnitus?

One of the most common causes of tinnitus is the continual or prolonged exposure to loud noises. The exposure to Tinnitus Ear Diagramthese loud sounds can cause permanent damage to the cells of the cochlea which are sound sensitive. The cochlea is the spiral shaped organ of the inner ear. Other factors which can lead to tinnitus are:

* Perforated eardrum
* Medications ? aspirin and some types of antibiotics
* Illnesses ? high blood pressure, allergies, underactive thyroid gland
* Aging ? deterioration of parts of the ear
* Wax buildup
* Ear infection
* Tumor ? of the auditory nerve

Furthermore, Tinnitus can get worse with these lifestyle factors:

* Smoking cigarettes
* Drinking caffeinated beverages
* Drinking Alcohol
* Stress
* Fatigue

Treatments for tinnitus will depend on the underlying cause thus it is important that you speak with your physician. As a side note, there are more natural and alternative treatments for Tinnitus that many sufferers are beginning to seek.

Tinnitus Symptoms and Types

Tinnitus 2

Tinnitus is a common problem that affects about one in five people. It is actually a symptom that manifests itself by the person hearing a noise or ringing in the ear when there is actually no external noise or sound present.

Tinnitus symptoms not only include ringing in ear but may also be heard as:

* Whistling
* Buzzing
* Roaring
* Clicking
* Pulsing
* Ocean waves
* Dial Tones

The sound can vary in pitch from low to high, can be sing tone or multi-tonal, be in one ear or both and may be constant, intermittent or pulsing.

tinnitus 5

There are two classifications of Tinnitus:

Subjective ? which is the most common symptom that is a form only audible to the person. This symptom in particular is also thought to be reported in 80 percent of those who suffer sensorineural hearing loss.

Objective ? mostly associated with vascular or muscular disorders and relates to less than 5 percent Tinnitus cases. Unlike Subjective Tinnitus, this symptom is audible to your doctor and is often described as pulsatile, or synchronous to the person?s heartbeat.

Though the severity of Tinnitus symptoms may vary, the annoying ringing in ear may also be the cause for difficulty sleeping, loss of concentration, depression and anxiety.

Being that Tinnitus is not a condition but rather a symptom of some other health problem, it is recommended that a doctor be consulted to possibly find the root cause. Some treatments that may be suggested are noise suppression devices and medications.

In addition, there is now a Tinnitus natural remedy available that can reduce and even stop ringing in ears.

For further information on these alternative treatments Click Here: http://sallie1037.tinnitus.hop.clickbank.net/ and make the choice that is appropriate for you.

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