What are the Symptoms of a Panic Attack?

A panic attack is not just feeling anxious about something; it is much worse than that. The symptoms of a panic attack can be quite devastating, as anyone who has suffered from one can tell you.

Your stomach feels like it is tied in knots, you shake and tremble uncontrollably and there is such a constriction in your chest that you feel like you just cannot draw a breath.

In short, you feel like you are having a heart attack from which you may never recover.

Even after those awful symptoms finally go away you still take a long time to fully recover from the effects of them.

In fact, it is like as if something really bad happened to you physically.

Those who have never suffered from such a trauma as a panic attack will never quite understand just how bad it can be.

There are many more symptoms than those mentioned above.

* Sufferers may have a feeling of absolute terror that something bad is going to happen to them. They feel helpless about stopping this event.

* You may feel chilled or hot and sweaty – or even cold and clammy.

* Hyperventilation is a common symptom of a panic attack.

* You have a racing heart, or heart palpitations.

* Your hands may feel numb or tingling.

* There may be a feeling that reality is distorted – almost as if you are in a dream.

* Your stomach may feel upset or nauseous.

* Dizziness is a common symptom.

When people have frequent bouts of panic attacks they are said to suffer from panic disorder.

Often the malady is accompanied by agoraphobia, the fear of going out, usually because the attacks happen when they are outside of their home.

Strangely enough, panic attacks can even happen when you are asleep and these are referred to as nocturnal panic attacks.

People who have such attacks during the night hours will often have more respiratory symptoms than daytime sufferers; they also suffer more from depression.

Such attacks usually last for a shorter length of time than daytime attacks, but it may take longer to calm down.

Teenagers who suffer symptoms of a panic attack are more likely to feel that they are in a dreamlike state and are often afraid that they are either going crazy or dying.

It is important to seek treatment for this distressing malady as it can be treated and managed quite successfully.

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