What are Food Allergies?

Have you ever tried some food that made rashes on your body? Have you itchiness around your eyes, nose, throat and body skin? What is actually happened with your body is that it reacts on the food and that is known as food allergy.
Allergies on the foods are body's condition where it overreacts, when you eat food which you have never eaten before. Your immune system becomes hypersensitive on certain food.

Your immune system in that case produce antibodies which are ready for "fitting" with these substances, recognized as harmful to your organism. Actually, these substances are not harmful to you, but your immune system mistakenly believes that they are.

When it is about food allergies, allergic symptoms are affecting of various parts of the body, but the most usually are in gastrointestinal track, respiratory system, cardiovascular system and at last skin. With the lasts researching, the number of American people who are suffering from food allergies is about 11 million. The symptoms may be ranged form mildly inconvenient to complete collapse of your body.

Treatments and Symptoms of Food Allergies

There are various symptoms of the body that show you that you are allergic on certain food. Usually the symptoms are: swelling, itching of throat, nose, eyes, water eyes, runny nose, difficult breathing, hives, drop in blood pressure and in the worst cases death. Usually, the time necessary for reaction on the food, when it is about food allergies is from minutes to two hours, after entering food in your body.

There are various treatments which you may use for food allergies, but the best treatment is strict avoiding of foods on which you are allergic. Still, there are no medical treatments such as drugs for treating food allergies, but one that may be used is epinephrine, also known as adrenaline, which is medical solution for the most difficult cases of allergy reactions.

The most usually allergies reactions on food are for food such as: fish, shellfish, peanuts and nuts. Majority people are outgrow their food allergies, but there are and people who are allergic on certain food for whole life. In that case the best solution is to avoid these foods. So, before you have to eat something, it is recommendation to read all ingredients for that you need to eat. If you find that food contain ingredients on which you are allergic, you shouldn't eat it.

Method For Avoiding Allergic Foods

If you are allergic on certain food, it doesn't mean that you should stop with eating food on which you are not allergic. Also, if you think that you are allergic on some food, it doesn't mean that you are, until you do blood analyzes and determine on which food you are allergic.

Also, it should to mention that avoiding of the food doesn't mean totally avoidance of the foods. It is recommendation to make food diary for making list of the food on which you are allergic. So, you may eat all food, but after that you got some reaction, you need to write in your diary food that you have eaten. This food diary will help to the doctor to know what food you entered and had reaction.

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