Weird Pregnancy Side Effects and Managing Them

Pregnancy is supposed to be a magical time in your life. But, hormones can play strange games with a woman’s body. Here are some weird side effects that some pregnant women have experienced.

Blame it on the Hormones

Let’s get this straight first of all: It’s the hormones. When the body goes through the process of creating a new life, things get out of whack.

It’s almost like returning to puberty except with a baby. Your emotions are up and down as a result and so are some of the things that happen to your body.

Now, some of the things that happen will have to be endured for several months.

The good news is that many of the symptoms subside once the baby is born and hormone levels return to normal.

But, until then, sit back and read about the strange and unusual things that your body can experience.

Weird Side Effects We Never Talk about

Itching – This occurs because of the stretching of the skin and changes in the hormone levels.

It can be irritating to have to scratch your belly all the time. Instead use aloe Vera and cocoa butter creams to rehydrate the skin and manage the itching.

Extra hair – Many women talk about gaining a long luxurious head of hair as well as longer, stronger nails.

That’s okay. But, did you know that sometimes women grow hair in places where they previously didn’t have hair like on their chin, neck and lip. It can be quite embarrassing but it should go away after the baby is born.

In the meantime, get acquainted with waxing.
Big Feet – No one wants to wake up and find out that their feet are a size bigger. Don’t cry. Hormonal changes are to blame again.

As women get heavier through their pregnancy, arches can fall and feet can spread out and swell causing you to temporarily need a bigger size shoe.

Big nose – Have you heard people say that their nose is spreading across their face?

It is due to pregnancy hormones. Nasal membranes swell and blood flow increases.

This can make the nose feel stuffy and look larger. Nosebleeds are also not uncommon. Use saline spray to hydrate membranes so you can breathe.

Cravings for inedible foods – Gone are the days of pickles and ice cream. Some women crave paint and clay.

Why? The body is missing essential nutrients in the diet that are needed. But, don’t eat the clay. Iron is often missing so eat more red meat and green leafy vegetables.

Gas explosion – Bowels move slower during pregnancy due to the weight of the baby and, you guessed it, hormones. This leaves more time for gas to build up and explode either up or down.

Try to reduce your gas faux-pas by avoiding gas-producing foods like broccoli and beans.

What side effects are you experiencing from your pregnancy? Remember, they are short-lived and soon disappear after birth.

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