Ways To Increase Energy Naturally

If you are feeling low in energy, it is tempting to look for quick fix solutions to give you a quick boost, rather than take the time to find ways to increase energy naturally with nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Ways that we can supposedly quickly boost our energy levels and be supermen (and women) scream at us from every nook and cranny – pharmacies, supermarkets, media and any other method that might catch our attention.

The energy market is huge - so many companies are capitalizing on the trend. "Simply pop a pill or drink a drink and you can dance long into the night".

The problem is, that from these artificial highs, we have to eventually come down – and sometimes, it’s not a pretty sight.

These vitamins, herbs and supplements in the form of pills or drinks come in pretty packages with lightning bolts and photos of six-pack abs and arm muscles on the labels to indicate how powerful you’ll be when you try this product.

Products that promise quick energy boosts may increase your energy levels temporarily, but there are choices that you can make in your daily lifestyle that can provide enhancement to your everyday energy levels on a permanent basis.

Here are a few natural ways that you can increase your energy naturally:

· Give up foods with chemicals and those that are processed or artificial.

· Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.

· Cleanse your digestive system, including the colon. A slow-moving colon can cause health problems and fatigue.

· Reduce stress in your life by paring down your lifestyle to a manageable level.

· Eat several small meals per day.

· Streamline your life. Get rid of clutter and other things in your life that do nothing for you.

· Get enough sleep – but not too much. Too much sleep leaves you feeling lethargic.

· Drink juice – especially carrot and apple juice for energy.

· Check your thyroid level. A low thyroid reading could cause fatigue and depression.

· Exercise. If you can’t exercise, practice deep breathing routines to get your blood flowing and your brain more active.

· Surround yourself with motivating and happy people.

· If a long commute to work is making you tired, talk to your boss about working from home.

We all tend to suffer from energy slumps at some time or other, but if you follow the simple tips above you’ll soon feel more energetic during the times you need it most.

Remember to keep your body hydrated, especially during exercise and stressful times.

The first symptom of dehydration is fatigue. Your body just isn’t getting what it needs to function properly when you don’t get enough water.

You can also limit your intake of caffeine and substitute herbal teas and drinks instead.

There are a wide variety of flavorful and healthy herbal teas that can give you the lift you need without the down feeling you get from caffeinated drinks.

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