Using Exercise to Decrease the Harm Done to Your Immune System

Studies have repeatedly shown that losing weight can help you become healthier. It improves your blood pressure, cholesterol and lowers your risk of developing heart disease.

But a big thing that many people don’t know that it also does is gives your immune system a boost, which is exactly what you need to help you combat viruses and bacterial infections.

If your immune system feels like it’s been under siege from inflammation and various viruses, then it’s time to take action.

While there’s no magic pill that you can take to lessen the harm done to your system, there is action that you can take that will do exactly that.

You need to exercise. It sounds simple, but it is effective. When you battle inflammation, infections and disease, your immune system rushes to your defense.

But when you have repeat illnesses and ongoing inflammation, your immune system doesn’t just let go.

It continues to fight on. This can result in overtaxing its ability. It’s what can make you more at risk that other people, too.

Exercising calms the immune response that’s given by your white blood cells.

It tells them to lower the amount of cytokine. The way that this happens is that you have what’s known as a sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. These work in tandem.

Except when they don’t, because something affects them and their ability to keep your immune system healthy gets out of balance.

When you exercise, you basically right the wrongs in the system that can linger from a continual battle to get you well.

Plus, you strengthen your system’s ability to handle future problems that want to make you sick.

When you exercise, this activity signals your body to begin the sympathetic portion of your nervous system.

In return, your body starts pumping out hormones. That leads to a chain reaction among the overworking white blood cells and tells them to chill out.

This can enable the cells to be better at scouting through your system to locate any issues as well as to be ready to fight harder and stronger for the times that you do need them.

The white blood cells do just that and your body stops being in a state of chronic inflammation.

It gives your immune system a break and continued exercise continues to lessen the impact your system went through.

If you’re thinking that you absolutely hate exercise, then you’re certainly not alone.

But it really is the best way to boost your immune system, especially when you use it in conjunction with a healthy diet and fat loss.

You don’t have to spend hours working out in order to reap the benefit of healing the harm that’s been done.

All it takes is 15-20 minutes of exercise on a regular basis for you to develop a stronger immune system.

There are many ways you can boost your immune system.

Nutrition, stress relief and even a good night’s sleep can all contribute to a body’s ability to fight off disease and infection.

But leveraging your ability to slim down, even a small amount, in an effort to bolster your health is a wise decision to make. And there are many delicious meal plans you can use to achieve your goals!

What You Need to Know about Sugar and Your Immune System

You probably know that there are many important reasons to cut down on sugar. That includes losing weight and preventing cavities. If you need more motivation, you can think about your immune system too.

A growing body of research has found that the sweet stuff can undermine immune functioning. Sugar plays a major role in diabetes and a wide variety of other metabolic disorders.

High blood sugar has also been associated with imbalances in gut bacteria, higher levels of inflammatory proteins, and increased rates of certain autoimmune diseases.

It’s a widespread issue because most adults eat way too much sugar.

The recommended daily guidelines are 36 grams for men, and 25 for women. To put that in perspective, a can of soda contains about 32 grams.

Meanwhile, most of us eat about 77 grams, which is 3 times over the guidelines.

Satisfy your sweet tooth without putting yourself at higher risk for serious medical conditions. Try these suggestions for eating less sugar and boosting your immunity.

Cutting Back on Sugar:

1. Taper down.

You’ll miss sugar less if you make gradual changes. For example, add half as much to your coffee each day.

2. Read labels.

You might be surprised by the hidden sugar in many processed foods, such as sauces and soups. Check the ingredients, where it might be called many different names including dextrose and syrup.

3. Eat fruit.

For healthier treats, snack on plain fruit. Keep a bowl of apples and oranges in sight on your kitchen counter.

4. Enjoy dark chocolate.

It’s the smart choice for chocolate lovers because it has less sugar and many health benefits. Make a dip for fruit or add dark cocoa powder to hummus.

5. Shrink portion sizes.

You can eat just about anything if you practice moderation. Prepare a small bowl of chips or ice cream instead of eating out of the container.

6. Use natural sweeteners.

Sugar substitutes can still contribute to weight gain and cravings for sweets. Use them sparingly and opt for natural products like stevia.

7. Drink water.

Soda, juice, cocktails, and other sweetened beverages are a major source of added sugar. Quench your thirst with plain water or tea.

8. Be patient.

Your taste buds will adapt to a low sugar diet over time. In a few weeks, you’ll probably prefer healthier foods.

Boosting Your Immune System:

1. Exercise regularly.

Physical activity increases circulation and causes positive changes in antibodies and white blood cells that fight infection. Aim for at least 150 minutes of moderate activity each week.

2. Sleep well.

You’re more prone to illness when you’re deprived of sleep. Go to bed and wake up on a consistent schedule that gives you 7 to 8 hours of rest.

3. Manage stress.

Chronic tension results in inflammation and fewer immune cells. Find relaxation methods that work for you, like listening to music. Talk about your feelings with a friend or a professional therapist.

4. Wash your hands.

According to Northwestern Medicine, clean hands can prevent one in three diarrhea-related illnesses, and one in five respiratory infections. Wash them 6 to 10 times a day, especially before you handle food and after you use the bathroom.

5. Quit smoking.

The tar and nicotine in tobacco interfere with immune functioning, which increases the risk of cancer and other serious conditions. Pick a date to quit. Social support and nicotine replacement devices may help.

Managing your sugar intake may be easier than you think.

You can eat delicious whole foods while avoiding empty calories and enhancing your overall health and wellbeing.

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