Understanding External And Internal Causes To Better Cure Acne Skin

The best way to understand how to treat a problem is to identify the underlying problem that is causing it. The same holds true for acne as it requires knowing the external and internal causes to properly cure acne skin. Here are some causes both external and internal to help you determine an appropriate treatment.

To start with you should know the external factors that you are doing to cause acne. First, stay away from skin care products that are only making matters worse. Unfortunately, you may not know which product will have a negative affect until you have tried it out. However, stop usage of any products that cause irritation to your skin as soon as possible.

Next, try to limit the amount of sunrays your skin gets no matter how tan you hope to be. Over exposure to sunrays will cause skin damage and will worsen acne that already exists. If you want to cure acne skin, apply sunscreen at all times and reduce the amount of time you spend in the sun.

The last external factor that can cause acne is the way you wash and treat it. While it is important you wash your face with soap and warm water every day, limit it to two to three times a day and no more. In addition, do not pick or squeeze acne as picking will push bacteria deeper into the skin cells and squeezing it will further irritate the acne.

Now that you understand some of the external factors that can cause acne, let’s look at internal factors so that you can properly cure acne skin. The first is bacteria named P. Acne, which lives on our skin creating acne. This bacterium attracts white blood cells thus producing enzyme that causes inflammation and redness. By reducing this bacterium you can reduce acne inflammation.

The next internal factor is sebum, which fills up the hair follicles while giving your skin the unwanted oily appearance on the surface. While sebum is good for our skin in that it makes it waterproof and carries dead cells to the exterior of skin, some hair follicles will become obstructed thus leading to sebum becoming trapped inside. This is what leads to acne growing.

Sadly, the last internal factor is nothing more than genetics. It is possible for acne to be genetic because of the influence it has on thickness of skin, oil tendencies and basic hormone responses. While this can make acne inevitable for you, it can also allow you to find an easy solution to cure acne skin based on what your parents or siblings used.

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