Tips on getting Beautiful eyes

Like the skin and hair, the eyes tell a great deal about the state of your health, your habits and lifestyle. Illness, nutritional deficiencies, lack of sleep, anxiety and stress can all be reflected by eyes that are dull, tired and strained.

Eye care has increased in importance and relevance in modem times. Progress has certainly taken its toll. Never before have we put the eyes to as much strain as we do now, has focusing on television and computer screened, on intense reading or pouring over figures.

During the ancient times, the eyes were used in occupations that actually exercised them and kept them healthy.

The farmer, hunter, fisherman, used a variety of natural eye movements, focusing on distant-objects.
We hardly exercise the muscles of the eyes. And, this kind of eye strain begins at an early age.

With immobility, the eye muscles are tired and tense. With time, they get distorted and cramped. Unless we consciously exercise them and help them to relax, they cannot perform well, stay healthy, or look beautiful.
Take a few minutes off from close eye-work to exercise your eyes.

• Cup your palms over closed eyes, without touching them. Look into the blackness. This can be very restful. Sit in a relaxed position. Move your eyes in a wide circular motion, first in one direction and then the other. Move the eyes to the right and left and then up and down.

• Hold your forefinger in front of your face. Keep looking at it and move your finger further away from you. Then look past the finger as far as you can see and then back to your finger. Slowly bring your finger back. Repeat this 3 or 4 times.

• Whenever you are out of doors, consciously look at the trees and plants. The green colour is soothing to the eyes. No wonder, nature has been so generous with green.

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