Three Keys to Build Muscle in Your Arms

Many people want to look in the mirror and see big guns, but in order to build muscle in your arms you have to understand the right technique. It’s easy to make mistakes when trying to add bulk to your arms. But with these three keys you’ll stay on track.

Limit your workouts. It may seem strange that when you want to bulk up, you need to limit your workout time. But to truly develop muscle you need to keep arm workouts to two times weekly.

Why do you need to be sparing with your exercise program? If you want to have big arms, you need to give them time to grow. The real work of muscle growth happens between workouts during the recovery phase.

If you never allow yourself a time to rest, you’ll not give your body a chance to build muscle in your arms and give results for your hard work. It may seem the opposite of common sense, but you need to keep your arm workouts to a minimum.

Use proper form. You’ll want to make sure that when you lift weights with your arms you use proper form and technique. Instead of moving the weight up and down quickly and swinging your arms, you want to use slow and controlled motion.

You also want to make sure you complete the full range of motion when you lift weights in order to maximize the tension on your muscles. You’ll target more muscle and get better results. If the weight is so heavy that you can’t control it, move to a lighter weight.

It may help to work with a trainer if you’re new to lifting weights to learn new exercises and proper techniques for your upper body workout. After a session or two you’ll be able to continue on your own in most cases.

Exercise to the point of failure. While you want to have slow and controlled movements for your reps, you also need to give your muscles a challenge. At the end of the workout you should feel muscle fatigue. We also call this failure – the point at which your muscle can no longer support the weight in a controlled manner.

You should use a weight that’s heavy enough to bring you to failure, but light enough that you can handle the first 8 reps in the set with control. It may take some time to figure out exactly what weight you need to use, but over time it will begin to be clear.

Following these three keys will help you to build muscle in your arms and meet your goals to have strength, power, and definition.

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