The Thyroid and Anti-Aging

While many people think only of their physical appearance when it comes to the fight against aging, how you feel and think are also important factors.

A person who always feels tired and who keeps forgetting things will certainly appear to be much older than they are; they will no doubt feel older too.

The thyroid plays a big part in how we feel and think especially if it is under-active, which is called hypothyroidism.

An under-active thyroid gland can also cause you to have dry skin – certainly aging – moodiness and insomnia. Some of these symptoms may seem to be minor, but they certainly add up over time, especially if all you do to relieve them seems to have no effect.

Dry skin is one of the most aging problems there are as far as looks go, and insomnia will certainly make you look and feel older than you are if it goes on for long enough.

The small gland at the base of the neck shaped like a small butterfly is the thyroid gland. Its job is to produce hormones that regulate the body’s temperature; it also does a great many other great things for us.

One trouble in diagnosing a thyroid problem is that it can often happen around the same time as menopausal or even pre-menopausal symptoms begin and the symptoms are similar, so many people just put it down to this time of life and don’t even think to get it checked out.

However, when you have two causes of such symptoms it can only exacerbate them, with the result that you are suffering twice as much as necessary.

In fact, traditionally many doctors didn’t feel that it was even necessary to treat a woman for hypothyroidism if the symptoms were not such that quality of life was impacted.

Now it is known that if left untreated this problem can actually place the sufferer under a much greater risk of developing the kind of diseases that are more frequently seen in older age groups.

Severe heart disease, heart attack and blood vessel diseases are just some of them. Unfortunately, some doctors still subscribe to the former way of thinking.

But no matter what the doctors believe, if you feel that your thinking is fuzzy, you are tired often for no apparent reason, you suffer memory loss or feel depressed it would be a great idea to see your doctor and ask for a test for an under-active thyroid.

It is a simple blood test to measure the levels of a thyroid stimulating hormone in your blood. An under active thyroid will give high readings.

There is just no point in suffering unnecessarily when the treatment is so simple and effective. A synthetic thyroid hormone can be taken orally and reduce those signs of aging dramatically.

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