The Link Between Stress and High Blood Pressure

As we all know, there is a straight connection or link between stress and high blood pressure. A stressful lifestyle happens to be the key reason of hypertension and it brings in a whole host of other types of illnesses.

Actually, people are oftentimes not too surprised as they come to learn that somebody in a high-profile, high-stress job / business is suffering from extremely high blood pressure. Stress-induced hypertension could lead to different kinds of cardiac problems that might compromise the patient’s health and well being through the rest of her life.

When excessive stress is present, you’ll have an ideal recipe for multiple health problems. High levels of blood pressure can affect all vital organs. The kidneys or the heart might end up with overloaded work pressure which they may not able to withstand.

As there are no exact indicators of hypertension, you should watch out for some general symptoms like fatigue and low energy levels. These could be coupled with urination problems, harsh headaches, dizziness or even nausea.

If you work in a stressful environment this might be the primary cause of the stress. If you are under constant stress that work won’t get done and/or if you directly supervise or direct others at work, stress and hypertension are your faith. This kind of environment can generate lots of stress, making the blood pressure levels hazardously high. Acknowledge that nobody is indispensable and life/business keeps going no matter what.

Stressful situations could cause the blood pressure to hike temporarily. Still, you should know that the human body is programmed to produce a flow of hormones in the cases when you are stressed out. Such hormones increase the blood pressure as they cause the heart to beat very fast. That way, the blood vessels get narrowed down.

There is hardly any proof showing that stress alone can cause long term HBP (high blood pressure). Rather, there are many other factors which are linked directly or indirectly to stress which may cause this condition. Good examples are overeating, consuming alcohol and sleep deprivation. All these things can cause alarmingly high blood pressure.

Short stress-laden situations or activities can spike the blood pressure and might actually increase the risk of long-term high blood pressure. It is absolutely possible that different kinds of health conditions tied to stress, like anxiety, depression or isolation from close friends / family, might also be linked to different types of heart disease.

Then again, there isn't any clear evidence that these are tied to high levels of blood pressure. Rather, the inbound hormones that are produced in situations when you get emotionally stressed might damage the arteries.

This leads to severe heart diseases. Getting depressed may get you into self-destructive behavior like neglecting the need of medications for controlling your high blood pressure and possibly other types of heart conditions.

Boosts in your blood pressure can be linked to stress. As the stressor goes away, the blood pressure comes back to normal. Nevertheless, even occasional spikes in your blood pressure, especially if they occur too often, could substantially damage the blood vessels, heart or kidneys.

This is very similar to the long-term impacts of high blood pressure. In addition, when someone reacts to stress through smoking, drinking alcohol or consuming unhealthy foods, this could trigger high blood pressure or even a heart attack and stroke. Stress-reducing actions could substantially lower the blood pressure.

As stress is reduced, this might not lower your blood pressure in the long run. Still, using different kinds of strategies for stress management could improve your health and well being in many other ways.

Stress relief can be achieved in many different ways. It could help to just simplify your schedule. When you’re consistently feeling rushed, just take some minutes to carefully review the calendar and your to-do lists.

Then look up activities and tasks that reduce your recreation time. You need to shun the trivial things that keep you busy but which are not that important. Try and set smaller periods of time for such activities. You could also try to eliminate these entirely.

Stress may not cause high blood pressure directly, but it is one of the factors that contribute to this condition. Reduce stress to lower your blood pressure.


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