The Importance of Physical Fitness for Teens

Physical fitness is very important for people all ages, and all the more so for those in their teens. When you define fitness, you are referring to the performance of muscles ,lungs and heart of a person which needs to be at a peak for the very fit person.

Why Teens Need to be Physically Fit

Teens are normally into scholastic and other activities that do not require much of physical activity. This leaves them little time to exercise their bodies. It is said that only two percent of teens actually can pass fitness tests. This does lead to risks of heart disease, obesity and other physical problems.

All this can lead to health problems that can lead to illnesses and diseases that can take them away from their scholastic goals and thus affect their futures and careers in the long run. Physically fit teenagers will have bodies that are flexible, have adequate muscle strength, the proper body composition and have the right endurance when indulging in activities that need physical activity that call for good circulation and respiratory functions.

Teens do tend to gravitate towards fast food and other convenient meals. Most of these have effects on the human body, due to the higher salt content, abundance of refined carbohydrates, oils and the like. This does affect health, cause obesity and weight problems. Asking teens to desist from eating such food is easily said, but very difficult from getting them to take action. This is quite often a result of peer pressure. Physical activity can help to reduce the ill effects of such diets.

Activities Recommended for the Physically Fit Teen

Physical activity has to be such that it increases the heart rate and require the teen to breathe harder. A lot of sports do this automatically, whether it be soccer, football, basketball or other. Unfortunately, most schools limit the number of teens who are inducted into such games, leaving the others to be spectators or cheer leaders.

So what can the average teen do? Performing aerobic activities for at least half and hour a day can help to improve the level of fitness, that then leads to good health. This can be something as simple as jumping rope, running or walking. Teens need to be constantly motivated and this is where they will feel inclined to exercise if they go for aerobic classes along with other students. Roller skating is a good exercise, as is swimming and dancing.

Form your own groups so that you always have the incentive to do the exercises that can ensure your fitness.

Walking to school in groups can be a lot of fun, instead of taking the bus and can definitely give the necessary exercise, weighed down as you are with backpacks and the like.

Paying attention to fitness, regular exercise and correct eating, can help teens to form a lifestyle that can be of enormous help to them as they grow up and launch themselves into their careers.

Kids Fitness - Do You Give It The Importance It Deserves?

We all want our children to reach their full ability, to have a good future ahead of them. So that's why we encourage them to work hard at school, to take their time and give of their best with their homework.

We help them to develop and improve their skills in maths, reading, writing, and speaking. Sometimes though, are we forgetting about something else that will play a vital role in their having an enjoyable future? Their fitness!

When kids are young, they tend to be pretty active without thinking about it, infact most of us wish we could have a fraction of their energy!

Yet as your child grows up, that desire for physical activity can decrease rapidly, suddenly your hyperactive toddler is a teenager who wants to stay in their room all day!

So what can you do to help your child learn from an early age that fitness is not only fun, but for their own good? Let's find out!

Recognise The Benefits Of Fitness For Children

This will give you the drive to keep pushing an active life for your child. Kids have an indescribable ability to know when you are saying something because you really believe it, and when you are saying because you think you have to! Educate yourself on the benefits of fitness for kids, and your enthusiasm and sincerity will be more than obvious. So what are the benefits? Here are just a few:

- Improves self-esteem and confidence

- Lowers blood pressure and reduces heart disease risk

- Increases mental alertness

- Builds strength in joints, working to prevent problems in later life

- Improves sleep and general health

- Promotes a sense of self-discipline and good work ethic

- Can improve communication and social skills

Teach By Example

As busy as your schedule may be, make sure that you have scheduled time for your own fitness, whether this includes the kids or is something you make time for yourself.

Talk to your children about how much you enjoyed your swim, walk, fitness class. Let them know how important it is to you to keep fitness in your schedule.

Make Fitness Fun

None of us like to do something that is boring, children especially struggle in such situations! Fitness certainly doesn't have to be boring, in fact it can be lots of fun and can work to build relationships in the family as well as spending quality time together.

Why not arrange for a weekly swim session as a family, or an outdoor game at the park? Make sure you keep it regular, if the weather is too bad to go outdoors, then do something indoors.

Don't forget to encourage other activities that your children can participate in whether it be a dance class after school or walking the pet dog.

Help them to view their Physical Education (PE Class) at school is an important part of the school timetable.

So next time your child wants to go play outside after school, perhaps you won't be so quick to refuse their request?

After all the enjoyable and healthy future for our kids can depend much on their learning the importance of fitness from an early age.

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