The Dos and Don’ts of Eating for Two

You have just found out that you are pregnant. A lot of things are going to change for the next several months including your appetite.

But, don’t believe the myth that you are actually eating for two.

It’s the biggest myth about pregnancy, right up there with Sasquatch and the Loch Ness monster.

Yes, you are now supporting another life, but it is a small life, that grows from an embryo.

The way that some of us eat you would think we were feeding another adult person. It’s time to dispel the myth.

What to Avoid Eating When Pregnant

Yes, you will have your cravings for strange combinations of food.

And, it is okay to indulge as long as it is not all the time. Eat slowly and savor each bite so that you enjoy it.

Because you are experiencing changes in hormone levels, eating the same foods can affect you differently.

Your sense of smell is more acute and so is your sense of taste.

There are a few foods that need to be restricted during pregnancy for safety of the unborn child as well as manageable weight gain.

We are not advocating a diet. Losing weight is detrimental to a healthy pregnancy.

You can still eat but fill up on low calorie, nutrient dense foods instead of the high calorie ones that offer less nutrition for you and your baby.

Limit or eliminate the following:

Caffeine – too much may cause problems with birth weight

Alcohol – can contribute to fetal alcohol syndrome

Artificial sweeteners – cross the placenta and affect the fetus

Certain fish – may contain mercury which is detrimental to neural development of your fetus

Unpasteurized foods – can harbor bacteria such as Listeria

Foods you Need to Eat When Pregnant

Your body’s systems are not only nourishing you but also your baby. It will be necessary to increase your caloric intake slightly to account for baby’s needs.

But, baby needs plenty of the good stuff. Researchers suspect that if you don’t take in the proper nutrients it is baby that suffers and not the mother.

Eat a lot of the following:

Vegetables – Yes, you can have the sauce too in moderation. Choose bright colorful veggies that contain a lot of antioxidants plus other vitamins and minerals.

Fruits – If you have a sweet tooth, try some dried fruit or fresh fruit.

Fiber foods – High fiber cereals and whole grain breads help keep your digestive system moving. It can slow down as baby grows so fiber helps prevent constipation and diarrhea.

Low fat dairy – Your body will need lots of calcium and protein to support baby’s growth

Omega-3 fatty acids – Fish like salmon can be eaten a couple times a week to provide these important fats for your body.

What are you eating? There are two people but one is small so eat accordingly and healthy.

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We wish you well in your search for healthy diet solutions and your movement towards better health in all areas.

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