Symptom of bipolar disorder

When it comes to bipolar disorder, you will find that it is also known as being manic or an manic depressive illness. This is basically where you have mood swings that are very extreme and exaggerate everything. You will notice that when you go manic you are unable to get into reality. Then there are people who are just depressive, and this is where you are filled with anxiety and sadness. This is where you will feel bad about yourself and you'll even have suicidal thoughts or even attempt suicide.

When it comes to the causes or risk factors of the disorder you will find that most people will be diagnosed by the time that they are 25. The cause of the disorder is unknown; however, genetics has been linked to the disorder. There are people who are affected by the disorder that is more than just the person. In fact, you will find that the disorder will affect everyone around you.

There are different types of bipolar disorders and that is bipolar type 1 and then bipolar type 2. There are very different when it comes to how extreme the person is.

But, there are many symptoms and help you get treatment. You will find that the depression will recur and come and go very spontaneously.

You will find that the mood swings will have a pattern, but it will usually crash into a very deep depression.

When it comes to the depression, you will find that there are two parts. You will have the manic state and then you have the depression state.

In the depression state you will find that your self image will be very poor. You will have feelings of worthlessness and you'll begin to withdrawal.

There are, of course, the basic depression symptoms like tiredness, sluggishness, insomnia, sleeping during the day, loss of appetite, weight loss or gain, unable to think, unable to concentrate, loss of interest in life, and thoughts of suicide.

You may just find it hard to get up from bed every morning, but there are lots of things that will affect you.

In the manic state you will find that you'll be elevated in mood, racing thoughts, increase in goods, inflated self esteem, less of a need for sleep, restlessness, weight gain, control of emotions, and increase in social activities including sexual activities.

You will find that they will stop thinking before they do something and that is when people tend to really get hurt.

It's like being on speed. You may even begin to see or hear things because of how fast your blood is pumping. You'll also begin to lose control of yourself and your life. You will become impulsive.

When it comes to bipolar disorder you are going to have to talk to your doctor and see what medications can help you control your feelings and you will also want to ask for a recommendation of therapists.

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