Swimming Benefits for Weight Loss

Swimming has got many great benefits for weight loss. It can help you to lose excess weight whilst burning off those extra calories without adding any strain or stress on your joints and your body. Swimming is particularly great because it works all of the most important muscle groups whilst helping you to slim down and tone up.

It really doesn't matter whether you are a competitive swimmer or just enjoy doing a few lengths of the local pool a couple of times each week - swimming is good for you. You can set your own pace, swim at your own speed and at the distance you can manage. The distance you can swim will naturally increase as you do the exercise more.

There are also lots of swimming pool exercise programs which are great fun and can help you to lose weight. Many swimming pools hold aqua aerobics sessions which are a fabulous way to lose weight, tone up and make friends in the water.

The Benefits of Swimming for Weight Loss

You will turn calories while you swim which is basically how it can help with any weight loss program. Swimming also has many cardiovascular benefits and is especially great for older people who may not be able to take part in other types of cardiovascular exercise.

Swimming also uses just about the entire major muscle groups in the body which really gets the heart and lungs working to provide sufficient oxygen to the muscles. As far as cardiovascular workouts go swimming is hard to beat.

If you get a little out of breath on your swim then don't worry, that's a good thing. Any exercise which makes your breathing heavier is great - it simply means that you and your body are working hard. As your lungs and heart get stronger you will be able to swim further without needing to rest which will help to increase your heart rate whilst resting and lower your blood pressure.

Other Benefits of Swimming

Helping with weight loss is just one of the many benefits of swimming. It is also great for other things;

" Swimming is used by athletes as a means to aid recovery after injury. It is a low impact exercise but is terrific for working the muscles and building endurance. Athletes who have had some sort of accident or become injured in some way can turn to swimming as the first part of the rehabilitation program.

" Swimming is great fun. It isn't only about swimming lengths; there are other ways to lose weight whilst swimming. Treading water is exercise too and can help to burn calories - swimming is great fun for the whole family.

" Swimming is also a terrific way to relax, if you need a little "me time" then go for a swim - the calories burned are just an extra bonus.

A half hour session of swimming will burn anywhere between 100 and 500 extra calories depending upon your weight and how much effort you put into it. Why not make the effort to visit your local pool at least once a week with your family or friends to start you on your way.

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Swimming For Weight Loss: Does It Work?

Ask 100 people what the best weight loss method is and you will likely get 100 different answers. The topic of losing weight is a hotbed issue that really gets people's emotions running. The market has been inundated with dozens upon dozens of low quality fad diets to the point that there is very little trust left in the industry. The reality is that losing weight is not something that needs to be made overly complicated.

Get a person to conduct regular exercise sessions combined with eating a relatively healthy diet and they will lose a good amount of weight. It just is not rocket science.

The hard part is not figuring out a diet and exercise plan that will work, rather it is finding one that people will actually stick with. It is very easy to start a diet, but it is very difficult to stay on one.

Swimming for weight loss is one method people can implement into their life to lose weight fairly quickly. There are a couple of different benefits that this method has which can make it very appealing to most people.

The first major benefit is that it is easy for anyone to be active in the water. Because you are effectively experiencing a low gravity environment, there is almost no pressure being put upon the joints of the body. This takes away a lot of the pain people can experience when they do exercises like jogging, running, or even walking. Because there is no impact, it becomes very easy for people who are in relatively poor health to have an enjoyable workout sessions.

This brings me to the second point about swimming for weight loss that makes it so great. It is a fun activity. Generally speaking people do not look at being in a pool as a cumbersome exercise. It is something that everyone, outside of people who have water phobias, can really have fun with. When you are having fun with your exercise it becomes far more likely that you will want to keep up with it. This is the reason why so many people fail at high intensity interval training (HIIT). HIITs are largely considered to be some of the most effective training sessions for rapid weight loss out there. However the intensity of the exercise is so great, that the vast majority of participants will quit before they see any results.

A good weight loss plan must be one that the user will want to incorporate into their daily life. Not just be something that they are doing when they are over weight. If the program is something that the person will use for a short time and then quit, it is a program that will ultimately lead to the "rebound effect." This is the effect of a person rapidly losing weight, but then gaining it all back in a short period of time.

Swimming for weight loss is a wonderful method, that anyone can incorporate into their daily routines, not just as a fat loss method, but as an activity that they will want to carry out for the rest of their lives.

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