Stop Smoking Now - The Dangers Of "Just One"

When we decide to quit smoking and take REAL action, most of us go through what many call “Junkie Thinking”.

For those of you who don’t know what this is, it’s the seemingly endless internal battle between our former addicted self and our current self that decided to quit smoking for good.

Especially early on in the smoking cessation process, this ‘good vs. evil’ dialogue can be very relentless, annoying, and exhausting.

BUT rest assured that this is only temporary, and the less attention you give to thoughts of smoking, the better.

But while it is temporary, “Junkie Thinking” poses A LOT of traps for the would-be quitter. And the trap of “Just One” is one of the most dangerous.

“I’ll smoke ‘just one’ cigarette, what’s the harm?”

“I’ll smoke for ‘just one’ night. I’ll never go back to it tomorrow.”

“Just One” thoughts have ruined many quitting programs and efforts that had a great start.

So what should you do? Just like the whole quitting process, fighting these mental contortions and psychological traps is a step-by-step process.

Realize that this is a normal part of the recovery process. What you are going through isn’t out of the ordinary. Almost every quitter has gone through it.

Next, you should do a little preparation and homework to keep you in control of yourself when your head starts to wander and when it seems like smoking is a nice, harmless option.

There are times that distracting yourself for as little as 5 minutes gets the job done.

Five minutes is enough to nudge you out of the psychological trap and get you moving forward in your quitting program while feeling MUCH better.

However, there will be days when the temptation of “Just One” seems really overwhelming.

When “Just One” Thoughts Get Overwhelming

We all have our off or bad days – that’s life. The same thing can be said with smoking cessation.

During those days when simple distractions don’t get the job done, when the agitation and unhappiness you’re feeling are off the roof, you need to have a game plan.

You need to have a list of activities that you can turn to at a moment’s notice…one that can help you RIGHT AWAY.

Create a list of ways to pamper yourself. In that list, put things that you might reserve for the harder times, for times when the temptation gets too strong to ignore.

You can include spending the whole afternoon at the movies. Perhaps you may want to include getting your nails done.

What about walking your dog in the park and enjoying the soothing wonders of nature? Why not head to the gym and get that much needed exercise?

The list could go on and on. What’s important is that these ‘treats’ are satisfying for you down to the bone and guilt-free.

You are working really hard to break away from the chains of smoking. You are doing something that others can’t. Reward yourself!

Spoiling yourself every once in a while goes a long way in terms of positive reinforcement.

Oh! And one last reminder – you have reasons... good reasons for quitting the habit. Keep them green and don’t lose sight of why you are quitting smoking. You want these reasons to always have a sense of urgency in them.

Now you are armed with mental tools to fight off the “Just One” trap. Quit the habit now and you will be grateful…very grateful in the long run.

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