Staying Motivated For Your Weight Loss Workout Routine

Let's face it: Working out on a regular basis can be hard! It becomes tedious within a short time, and there are usually so many other fun things you'd rather be doing that keeping up the motivation becomes laborious. Well, if you don't stay motivated for your weight loss workout routine, you simply won't lose the weight you want! Train your brain to keep your body moving, and finally drop those extra pounds.

Read Success Stories

Learning about the ordeals of others can propel you forward in your own program. Read how an ordinary woman lost so much weight and how it changed her life. Check out stories that feature people who beat the odds and improved their lives in the process. That will be you soon!

Join Online Forums And Discussions

One of the most comforting things to have in life when you are facing an uphill battle is someone who knows exactly what you are going through. Joining forums will give you a friendly and helpful place to call home as you make your weight loss workout routine a new priority in life. Let other people advise you and coach you to success. Learn from them and let them make you stronger. It won't be long before you are in the position to help others on the same path!

Find A Like-Minded Workout Buddy

Nothing beats having a friend by your side at the gym or on a three mile jog. Talk to everyone you know and convince one of the more compatible people to become your workout partner. This will make every session fly by faster, and will also help you both to remain committed for the long haul.

Workout Where You Are Most Comfortable

If a fancy gym is your style, then sign up for a few months, but if you'd really prefer a private workout, create a personal space in your home or garage. It's very important that you stick to your workout routine, so make sure it's all tailored to your style and personality. Don't get caught up in any fad that won't last - your health is on the line!

Enjoy Less Stress In Your Life

Losing pounds is your primary motivation with your weight loss workout routine, but once you start losing the stress too, your enthusiasm should skyrocket! Less stress means more energy, a better functioning metabolic system and a clearer head. All of this will work with you in your weight loss challenge, and in the rest of your life as well.

Buy New Outfits

Once you start to see those pounds drop off, start trying on new clothes. If it suits your tastes and budget, buy them! Few things are as rewarding in weight loss as being able to fit into more fashionable and flattering clothes!

Take In All Those Compliments!

Wait until you hear people saying things like, "Have you lost weight?" or "You look great!" Smile and offer a few words of thanks, then remember these words the next time you feel like catching a movie instead of running a few laps! The positive response will keep you highly motivated and on the right track.

Changing old habits is hard, but if you learn to keep your motivation high for your weight loss workout routine, you'll get into shape and be much happier with your body. Not to mention all the health benefits of achieving your ideal (or close to it) body weight! Use whatever works to stay into the workout mindset, and succeed with your weight loss goals.

Learn more in our guide here about what is a healthy weight loss and fitness plan.

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The Benefits of Acupressure for Weight Loss

Traditional Chinese acupressure has long been used as an effective tool for losing weight. In fact, many individuals have used the benefits of acupressure for weight loss by applying pressure on meridian points of the body that benefit the digestive system. Understanding how acupressure can be used for losing weight when blended in combination with exercise and a fit diet can help you achieve your ultimate healthy fitness goals.

When pressure is applied to targeted energy meridian points, the body naturally expels moisture and heat, which increases blood flow circulation and the flow of “chi.” This is important because “chi” is the body’s energy flow that must maintain a proper balance to be most beneficial to all body systems and functions.

Acupressure can be applied to specific spots to unblock energy to control appetite and strengthen the digestive system. Even so, using acupressure for weight loss on its own will not provide successful results. It must be used in conjunction with daily exercise and healthy food choices. Even so, research indicates that using an effective acupressure for weight loss can decrease BMI (body mass index) of any individual by up to 1.7 points, which is a substantial decrease in body weight.

Applying the Pressure

You must first locate the ideal acupressure points on the body. This can be accomplished by visiting an acupuncturist or naturopathic doctor. When applying the pressure to key points, you will slowly massage the pressure point before intensifying the pressure for a specific amount of time. It is important to find the identical point on each side of the body and perform pressure there too.

Other Beneficial Modalities

In addition to using acupressure on key meridian points, consider other beneficial modalities that include:

• Deep Breathing Exercises – These types of exercises help to calm and relax you, and gather your healing energy. This will improve your digestion by reducing stress.

• Full Range Movement Stretches – Increasing movement to full range helps to stimulate blood flow circulation in the abdominals. It also regulates cravings and appetite.

• Self-Acupressure – By becoming familiar with key digestive points on the body, you can increase self-awareness, balance your appetite and diminish your food cravings using nothing more than self-massage.

Managing stress is essential to avoid worsening many common eating disorders. Consider learning meditation to calm your anxiety and stress down. Simple techniques can help you lose weight because diminished stress can increase your metabolism, suppress your appetite, and change the eating disorders you have experienced.

A quality diet alone will not be enough to reach a successful goal as a weight loss program. Instead, focus on consuming less calories and significantly more fiber. Use acupressure, deep breathing exercises and meditation as a way to overcome obsessions, food addictions, cravings and yearnings.

Acupressure therapy is recognized as an effective way to heal the body and restore self-awareness to change behavioral patterns. Self-acupressure massage provides you the opportunity to stay closer in touch with the functions of your body to eliminate stress and alleviate energy blockages.

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