Snacking – What does your body really want.

by Warren Tattersall
(Maryborough Australia)

If you are trying to lose weight but having trouble with those little snacks between meals then perhaps we should have a closer look at just what is going on there.

Most people who want to improve their diet find challenges in getting away from those little snacks during the day that bring our best efforts undone. Why is this?

A lot of people, let’s face it, most of us, when we are trying to lose weight can start out fine, start into the day doing well, but by late afternoon are looking for a snack. Sometimes it is not just looking for a snack but there is a real craving and we know that there are things that our body needs that we need to give it.

I suggest that the experts are right and that a healthy snack is the piece of fruit or the fresh carrot stick that people make fun about. For people who are not used to eating fruit or raw vegetable these things sound terribly unappetizing. Let’s look a little close at what is we snack on and maybe you will decide to make an effort to learn a few new habits around the snacks that you eat yourself during the day or after dinner at night.

You hit a crisis point during the day and you say that you need some carbohydrates to keep your body going so you grab a little packet of chips, or that your sugar is down and that you need something with sugar in it to balance your blood sugar levels and so you grab a little chocolate or muesli bar or lolly. You may believe that you need some salt so you pick up a salty pretzel snack. (Just a little one!)

Dealing with this is part of the process of getting yourself onto a healthier diet program. It is about training your body away from quick energy sources that are high in fat and on to health alternatives.

If you think logically about this and truly believe that the body knows what it needs and that you are in tune with it then there are some real problems here.

If you body was searching for carbohydrates then one really good source in potatoes. But if it was the carbs your body was looking for then you would grab a raw potato, maybe wash or peel it, and eat it raw! Does that sound gross? It is because your body is not seeking the carbs from the potato but the fat that the chips are cooked in, and the cooked potatoes are full of.

Need some sugar and grab a sweet snack? If you body was after sugar then the quickest and most efficient way to get it would be to take a spoon full of sugar from the sugar bowl and eat it!
Again, your body is not seeking the sugar but the fats that the sweet snack is loaded with.

The same applies to salt. I can’t remember the last time I saw someone just pour some salt from the shaker onto the hand and eat it strait! (Except when they are following it with a shot of tequila!)

So what is the core problem with snacking?

The problem is that we need to re-educate our bodies to recognize what is good for us and to stick with a healthy program long enough for the body to recognize that chewing on an apple is going to give us enough sugar, healthy fruit sugar, to satisfy our cravings.

Chewing on a little carrot with give volume, great fiber, and fill us up much more effectively that a handful of chips or pretzels.

Our old habits make it hard to adjust to health eating. We are used to giving our bodies high fat, easy energy foods, all day every day. Moving over to healthy snacks is a challenge, like taking up walking, or exercising in the gym. Once we train our bodies to recognize healthy food and to use that effectively, it is much easier to remove those unhealthy snacks from our daily routine and get on the path to better health and to control of our weight.

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