Sleep is an Integral Part of Success

by Jon Corso
(Boston, MA)

With our increasingly busy schedules and responsibilities, many of us continue to decrease our amount of sleep to lengthen our day without realizing just how important those hours of sleep are to our bodies. It is a very integral part of our success and our health. Why not enjoy your beds and sleep more, when it can help you function and succeed more in the long run than the hour or two that you take away from it each night?

It has been proven that getting a good night?s sleep is extremely important in learning new things and in retaining information for memory and cognitive purposes, which directly relates to success whether you are a student or professional. In this article, we?ll look at how a lack of sleep can negatively affect your mind and memory, in terms of personal success.

Necessity of Sleep

There is a definite correlation between sufficient sleep and memory retention as it relates to success. The brain cannot retain information under highly fatigued circumstances, leading to longer lasting effects of this sleep deprivation.
A Harvard study that measured the effects of fatigue on the human brain noted that sleep deprivation severely limits one?s ability to make sense of new information and inhibits the ability to remember new information after a period of time. This study concluded that sleeplessness is more long term than many of us believe.

This was supported by researchers in Germany who performed a study and concluded that there is a very strong correlation between adequate sleep and one?s ability to be creative and to problem solve as well. In summary, there is solid evidence that getting enough sleep is essential for success in any activity whether it be your profession, academics or your daily life and that sleep is essential for your body?s health and success.

Sleep, Satisfaction and Success

In general most people know that sleep can affect their daily satisfaction, but it is also critical in being successful. Fatigue has been proven to have effects on your life and health, which ultimately affects your professionalism as well. Such symptoms of fatigue are anxiety, absenteeism and illness, all of which translate into your success and ability to succeed in the workplace. As much of 60% of the US population is chronically sleep deprived, leading to more unproductive and in some cases, dangerous work environments. Having over tired employees also has a cost with your employer in terms of decreased production, reduced quality of work, injury in the workplace and other negative impacts on performance.

Most people underestimate the necessity of sleep in our society. As written above, there are many aspects of daily life and ultimately your success that can be affected by your sleep habits. Make sure to place enough importance on getting a full 8 hours of sleep or more each night. It will have a long lasting effect on your health, your overall satisfaction and your success.

Author Bio Jon Corso is a home decor specialist for, part of CSN Stores. With a BA in fine arts from the University of Massachusetts, Jon currently resides in Boston Massachusetts, where he writes articles home design and decor for a number blogs and websites.

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