Simple Skincare and New Ways to Remove Wrinkles

It seems as if getting wrinkles is so much easier these days. Whether it's your lifestyle, the environment, or basic genetics, there is no clear cause to this dilemma.

Wrinkles may be a sign of wisdom, or the fact that you have seen yourself through a lot in your life. But wrinkles or not, these are never welcome.

As you see beautiful people on your TV screen, you become more self-conscious about your flaws. Oftentimes, you just want to throw out your boob tube and shut the world out.

There are actually three main causes of fine lines and wrinkles:

1. Overexposure to the sun. Too much of it can cause a lot of damage several ways. The UV radiation releases free radicals that attack other cells.

2. Environmental toxins. These are poisons that can enter your body and cause damage to your skin and overall health. The contaminants may even be present in your very own home.

3. The food that enters our body. Proper nutrition is very important. When your skin lacks the vitamins it needs, it can become dry. Thus, making it more prone to wrinkles.

There are creams and lotions containing collagen and elastin. But some say that these are all purely hype.

The fact of the matter is that the molecules in these compounds are too large to penetrate the skin. It does not benefit you much, if at all any.

There are actually some people who swear by fat transfer. This is said to be a safe and effective cosmetic treatment method that was meant to address fine lines.

While I do not support 'unnatural' skin treatments or products, for people who are determined to do things like fill their face with Botox or undergo other dangerous therapies, they may consider this more 'natural' option for plumping the wrinkles out of your skin, as at least it is using your own body tissue.

It basically involves removing an extra flab from a certain portion of your body and then injecting it into an area. Most plastic surgeons choose to do this using either a syringe or a liposuction tube.

Once the fat cells have been removed, blood and extra substances are removed from it as preparation before it is introduced back to your body.

Small amounts of these prepared cells are slowly injected into facial creases, wrinkles, and pimple marks. The lines plump up after the injections, leaving the surface of the skin looking smooth and even.

Common fat donor sites are the lower stomach, thighs, and inside of the knees. While most of you may think it is your buttocks, the three mentioned areas have proven to be the safest.

Since the body cannot reject its own tissues, recovery from the procedure is faster and better.

Should you choose to undergo the fat transfer treatment, you also have to make sure that you maintain your skin. If you don’t you end up wasting your money and seeing wrinkles reappear from your face.

Do your part by limiting your time under the sun. Protect yourself by with sunblock so that the harmful UV rays do not penetrate your skin. Of course, supplement your efforts with the proper diet.

Make sure that the things you take in do not have toxins. Fruits and vegetables are a must.

When you get all the daily vitamins your body requires, you will see a great improvement in terms of health.

Warren Tattersall has been a full time nutritional consultant for over a decade and works with people all over the work to help them improve their health, increase their personal energy levels and to use supplements to assist with diet related health issues.

To try our natural skincare or to have a free personal consultation with him to learn how incorporating nutritional supplements may improve your health concerns just visit his site and download the free health report available there, or email warren@ to request a personal one-on-one consultation by email or phone.

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