Recognizing Anorexia

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Anorexia is an eating disorder normally evident in young women, characterized by an aversion to food and obsession to losing weight through diets, exercise and other weight-loss programs. The problem with this disorder is that it is difficult to differentiate from the normal attitude of young women to lose weight.
Research and studies have not been able to find any single cause for the disorder.

There are speculations that it could be caused by several factors, such as cultural pressures, psychological issues, family environment, genetic factors, and life transitions. Some cultures emphasize the beauty of a person is in their ability to remain slim. People become pressured to maintain their slender figure. Other people may feel uncomfortable about their appearance and develop low self esteem and feelings of ineffectiveness which could lead to deep depressions.

Others might find a need to be physically fit and trim for the type of social affairs and work activities they have to undergo regularly. Some people tend to abuse their body and indulge in self-starvation and other physical exercises in their effort to stay thin.
Psychologically, there are various possibilities that can cause weight loss unintentionally.

People who are mentally disturbed or undergoing some extreme mood swings may forget to eat or loss their appetite due to their constant worry and anxiety. The tensions and stress may be coming from external factors or internally from the family and close friends. It may also be due to the family’s insistence to live a healthy diet.

In effecting a regimented diet, they might be causing the adolescent to lose excessive weight, not realizing the adolescent is a growing child and may need more proteins and carbohydrates to maintain their energetic nature at that young age. Parents at times get overly concerned when they notice the child growing bigger than normal.

They fail to understand that the child is energetic and can burn off the fat and calories in a short time. However, they should be wary that the child might have a tendency to obesity and they should monitor the child with regular doctor consultation.

There are people that stay thin regardless of the amount of food they take in. They may be naturally hyperactive internally or inherited certain genetic factors which account for their being thin.

A change in life style, such as adolescence or sudden death in the family, can trigger depressions and anxiety attacks which could result in weight loss and body disorders. People are happy to lose weight and become slim.

Even doctors may say that being slim is healthy and is better than being obese. There are many positive reasons for staying thin, physically, mentally and socially. However you must ensure that your slimness is due to a controlled and well balanced food regimen, and not because of a disorder.

Here are some indications that you should watch out for: extreme weight loss, thin appearance, abnormal blood counts, fatigue with tendencies to become dizzy or faint, insomnia, brittle nails, thinning hair that breaks or falls off, dry skin, constipation, cold Intolerant, irregular heart rhythms and low blood pressure, dehydration and osteoporosis.

Be on the lookout if a person refuses to eat or skips meals frequently whether in a group or by themselves, and continually worries about their being fat. It may be a normal disposition or initial signs of anorexia.

You should be wary and ask the person to consult a doctor. Some people go on prolonged diets and varying weight-loss programs on their own volition without consulting the professionals. They do not realize the potential dangers and risks of their actions.

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