Perla's Weight Loss Results




Perla lives in Bantayan Island, Philippines and got involved with Herbalife five years ago and has made an amazing difference to the community. As a testimonial she herself lost over 35 pounds by simply using the Herbalife shakes as meal substitute and adding fresh bananas, mangos, and fruit on a daily basis.

Some days she only eats three shakes plus some peanuts and fresh fruit and vegetables. She also consumes 4 liters of mineral water every day. One liter when she wakes up and one liter just before going to bed. This addition of water washes the impurities and toxins out of the body and stimulates her immune system. She has not been to a doctor for four years and has her medical records to prove it.

Before Herbalife she was very sickly, had skin blemishes and her eyes and tummy were swollen. Now when she goes to a Herbalife convention they use her for a model since she has such beautiful skin and natural appearance.

She is the first to tell you anyone with desire can start small with Herbalife and grow their business just by telling people how to lose weight and improve their health. She wears several Herbalife buttons when she travels that says: Lose Weight Now Ask Me How and Work From Home Ask Me How!

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