Peels For That Aged Skin

As we grow older, the effects of exposure to the sun and elements can negatively impact our skin. Peels offer one solution for beating back the effects of time.

Peels For That Aged Skin

A peel is used to address issues with the skin on your face. Whether through extensive exposure to the sun, effects of pollution over time or other causes, one’s facial skin can take on disturbing appearances. A peel is designed to address these issues by peeling away the outer layers of damaged skin.

A peel is not a cure all. It is an option for dealing with specific issues. These include restoring wrinkled skin, although the wrinkles must be nominal. Major wrinkles must be addressed through more aggressive techniques such as facelifts. Skin blemishes, however, are primed for treatment with peels.

Pigment variations from one area of the face to another can also be treated with peels. Skin damaged by exposure to the sun is also a problem peels can address since the process removes the damaged skin to reveal undamaged skin.

A peel for an entire face can take a couple of hours. Anesthesia is generally not used, but can be when called for in particular situations. Recovery time depends on the type of peel, but one should be able to pursue normal activities within a month.

Following the peel, great care needs to be given to protecting the skin since it is being exposed to the elements for the first time.

The skin will generally be red and exposure to the elements can lead to side effects such as infection, color changes and such.

Make sure to discuss the risks, benefits and recovery requirements before undertaking the procedure.

Peels are medically available to all, but that doesn’t mean everyone should get them. In general, peels work best with patients that have fair and thin skin. Make sure to speak with your medical professional regarding whether a peel is an option for your situation.

In general, peels are a common procedure for dealing with issues concerning facial skin. If you are a candidate for the procedure, it can be an effective method of turning back the ravages of time and is much less aggressive than a facelift.

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